We are the Pioneers!

The staff and students at Crockett are dedicated to intellectual and educational development and excellence. We engage in discovery, learning, and becoming a community that is equipped to impact our homes, community, and the world to be a healthy place.

Each morning, we recite the character pledge as a reminder of who we want to be and the excellence that permeates our classrooms and individual lives.

drawing of Davy Crockett, ext 1990

CES will foster a supportive environment within our school community that promotes academic success, creativity, and healthy living.

CES seeks to create opportunities for all students to reach their highest potential and become well-rounded individuals. 

Educating Everyone: All Kinds, All minds.

I am responsible for all my actions and behaviors today. I will listen, do my work, and learn. I will be a person of good character by doing what is right not because I’m being watched or because I want a reward but because it is the right thing to do for myself and others.

The sleepy suburban town of Brentwood, Tennessee came to life in the summer of 1990 when the second elementary school in town was being constructed in an open pasture off Crockett Road. This town had only known one school on the eastern side of I-65, Lipscomb Elementary, for around 100 years so the news of a new school made headlines. The lush pastures with cows and horses, the hillside panoramic views, low crime rate and close access to the city, Nashville, made Brentwood a desirable location to raise a family. News got out quickly about this hidden treasure in Williamson County and the incredible growth rate is still occurring. With the addition of more jobs in town and in Nashville, Crockett soon expanded its size with an additional wing of ten classrooms. Additional growth resulted in new schools:  Edmondson in 1994, Kenrose in 1999, and Sunset in 2006.