A Message from Ms. Randolph

I strongly emphasize and incorporate character education as I touch on the above mentioned areas. Here is a breakdown of the specific targets under each of those main headings:

  • Academic Development – Students focus on how to be their most successful in school.
  • Personal and Social Development – Students focus on identifying their strengths and weaknesses, getting along with others, setting goals, and safety issues.
  • Career Development – Students focus on their own skills and interests.

Within each of these areas, the following topics are covered as applicable:

  • Goal Setting
  • Organization
  • Study Skills
  • Positive Self Talk and Self Concept
  • Responsibility
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Ownership & Accountability
  • Good Manners
  • Feelings
  • Healthy Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Prioritizing
  • Self-Exploration
  • Safety
  • Anxiety
  • Problem Identification
  • Specific v. General

I have always loved our Character Words of the Month. These are such core words that I believe can empower each student in such a positive way if they own them for themselves. I have developed what I call Crockett M&Ms. M & M stand for Motion and Meaning. I use pieces of American Sign Language (hence the motions) to go along with the words I use to define each character word to help the students grasp the meaning of each word. I can always find a way to connect the Character word of the month to the skill set that I am focusing on in the classroom.

  • September – Respect
  • October – Responsibility
  • November – Perseverance
  • December – Caring
  • January – Courage
  • February – Citizenship
  • March – Trustworthiness
  • April – Cooperation
  • May – Fairness