We are the Rockets!

The College Grove family is a strong group or students, parents, faculty, staff, administration, and community. We wear blue and white and cheer on our mascot, the rocket. Together, our school and community creates a community of love, support, and rocket pride.

Our mission is to inspire children to reach their highest potential and empower them to become productive, successful citizens.

We, College Grove Elementary School, parents, and community, will work together to promote success for all students now and in the future.

Launch into the world of learning!

I have incredible value, and I choose to learn. I am responsible, respectful, and always give my best effort.

In 1894, James P. Allison donated a tract of land for a Presbyterian church. He also donated an adjoining tract of land for a boy’s school. In 1858, Dr. Samuel Webb furnished land for a Methodist Church and a girl’s school.

The girl’s school was located on the site of the present Methodist Church. The boy’s school, located on the same land as the present elementary school, was known as the Carey-Winn Academy. Professor Carey lived in the house once owned by the W.D. Scales Family.

Both schools were boarding schools, and they housed students from surrounding states and towns. Degrees were conferred and many entered colleges. However, the Civil War closed the Carey-Winn Academy as many of the students and instructors left to fight for the Confederacy.

In 1912, a high school was erected by private contributions. A gymnasium was built in 1924. Other additions included a four room elementary building in 1936, and four more rooms added to the elementary building in 1949. The first cafeteria, the Red Barn, was built in 1947, and an agricultural building was built in 1953. In 1957, the original building was remodeled and a new auditorium was built. In 1961, the new R.L. Windrow gymnasium was built, and a new cafeteria was added in 1968. In 1970, with integration, came the Kirkland School, which housed grades one through three.

Extensive remodeling was done in 1976 to make the school suitable for kindergarten through sixth grade, after seventh through twelfth grades moved to the new Page High School. In 1981, sixth grade was moved to the new Page Middle School.

In the spring of 1993, we proudly opened the doors of our new school. In 2015, we added an eight classroom addition. In 2017, an additional eight classroom addition was added to house our growing population.