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Dear CHS Parents and Students,

This is a reminder that those students in their first year of driving are required to take the Tennessee Checkpoints Safe Driving Course in order to qualify for a CHS Parking Pass. To sign up for one of the upcoming sessions, please visit the CHS website and select CHECKPOINTS SIGN-UP.

August 7, 2017 @ 6pm (MONDAY)
August 8, 2017 @ 8am (TUESDAY)
August 8, 2017 @ 6pm (TUESDAY)
August 9, 2017 @ 8am (WEDNESDAY)
August 9, 2017 @ 6pm (WEDNESDAY)
August 19, 2017 @ 10:30am (SATURDAY)
September 7, 2017 @ 6pm (THURSDAY)
September 16, 2017 @ 10:30am (SATURDAY)
September 26, 2017 @ 6pm (TUESDAY)

Once you have attended a Checkpoints Safe Driving Course, students can visit the Attendance Office with their completed parent Student/Parent Safe Driving Agreement and purchase a parking pass. Passes are just $10 for Seniors and $15 for all others.

For more information, or if you have questions about the Checkpoints Safe Driving Course, please e-mail Addison Pate.

Thank you,

Addison Pate, Checkpoints Director

Williamson County School Fee List

Mr. Hames’ 2017-2018 Letter Regarding School Fees

Greetings Class of 2018 Seniors and Families:

We are pleased to have partnered with Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch as our official Senior Photographer.  You must be photographed by Prestige Portraits in order to appear in your senior yearbook for the formal drape or tuxedo photo.  Due to the early yearbook publication deadlines, we are asking that all senior photography sessions are scheduled and completed this summer as soon as possible.

Prestige Portraits welcomes you to have your senior portraits taken at one of their studios in Franklin, Smyrna, or Gallatin by scheduling your appointment online at www.prestigeportraits.com, or by calling them at 800-736-4775.  Studios are open now, and it is recommended that you reserve your appointment date and time as soon as possible before their schedule fills up completely.The sitting fee is free of charge, only purchasing the photos costs money.

Note: For the casual yearbook photo, you will take this with Prestige as part of the portrait session, but you may choose to send in a photo from an outside photographer to appear in the yearbook instead if you wish. The requirements, however, are that the picture is taken professionally, is portrait (vertical), in color, and a jpeg file. Those casual photos not taken with Prestige must be emailed to Ms. Harris (the yearbook adviser).

Thank you and have a great rest of the summer!

August 2017

Information about incorporation of ACT into the curriculum for 2017-2018 will be available by September 2017.

Instructions for Accessing Family Access Mobile App
Exciting news!  Now, joining the PTSO is easier than ever!  Join the PTSO and/or pay your annual dues online!

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As you know, Williamson County Schools has established a county-wide goal of an average 24 composite score on the ACT.   With that goal in mind, we’re here to support you!  We have assembled of the programs and materials on this tab to help you score your best so that you can pursue your chosen post-high school path with confidence and ease.

Regardless of what you choose to do after high school, several truths ring clear nowadays:

  • A high school diploma alone is no longer enough to guarantee success in the job market.
  • Almost 50% of high school graduates in the United States don’t have the “skills or credentials” necessary to achieve their goals and feel successful.
  • Many students who choose to attend colleges or universities either drop out or stall out (fail to earn a degree or certificate within six years of enrollment).

Recognizing the need to ensure that all TN graduates have the essential skills needed to pursue a career or a degree, the state department of education devised the Pathways Tennessee program.  Its goal lies in making sure that all students can successfully complete industry certification from a Technical College, an Associate’s Degree from a Community College, or a traditional degree from a college or university.

So how does this relate to ACT?

Now that you  know you need to pursue something more than just a diploma to find a job that will support you and your family, how will you know if you’re ready to pursue one of the Tennessee pathways?

Every student needs to have a pathway in order to find sustainable employment, and one of the BEST measures of college AND career readiness is…YOU GUESSED IT:  the ACT!  THAT’s why you need to do well on the ACT!  It tests skills YOU need for success on the job.  No matter how you get to your career, doing well on the ACT is an absolute must.

Our comprehensive ACT Prep program will help you do that IF you participate to the utmost of your ability!


This year, the entire CHS community will participate in a school-wide vocabulary enhancement program.  Our 9th grade students will engage in the Vocab Videos program, and the entire school will use them as “Words of the Week,” or WOW words.

Please look at these words each week and try to incorporate them into your vocabulary–use them whenever you can!  We’ll post the word lists here each week so you can follow along!

ACT WOW Word Lists
Fall 2017–Words will appear in August 2017.

Information from the State Department of Education:

Tennessee’s historical ACT data indicate that students who retake the ACT typically increase their composite score by one to three points. This increase in ACT scores could translate into thousands more students increasing their competitiveness for employment, avoiding remedial courses once they enter post-secondary, and qualifying for more scholarships and financial aid (such as the HOPE Scholarship).

Increasing the percentage of students who graduate high school with improved ACT composite and benchmark scores will allow for more students to start their next phase in life on the pathways necessary for success.

  • ACT Online Registration Guide – This step-by-step guide is especially useful for those helping students register online.


Seniors will once again have the opportunity to retake the ACT through the county; however, this year, they will be able to do that during the school day in October.


The purpose of our ACT Prep program here at CHS is to do everything we can to assist our students in achieving their academic AND career goals. To that end, we have developed a special 4-Year Plan, including our own ACT Preparation Course, which we feel will benefit all students, not only in terms of their ACT scores but also in terms of their overall success in academic course work and career skill development.

Vital Things to Remember

The ACT is by no means a comprehensive or definitive method of characterizing a student: it cannot clearly convey a student’s identity. Every student has a rich and diverse amalgamation of academic performance, personal integrity, athletic/extracurricular involvement and excellence, work experience, interests, honors, challenges, and backgrounds–these are the things which compose the real essence of a person and what he or she might bring to a college or university. Unfortunately, however, many students do not get to show off all of those amazing attributes because of test scores. They must successfully jump this hurdle in order to gain the opportunity to let those colleges get to know them, and we are here to do everything we can to facilitate that process.

The ACT Prep staff want every student to reach his/her full potential, and we are working diligently all the time to find new and helpful ways to do that. We will share every strategy and piece of academic content that we can find so that all our students are fully prepared to reach and exceed their goal scores.

9th Grade Program Overview

Getting Started with the Measurement Assessment (9th grade)


Every week, freshmen will encounter five new words through the Vocab Videos program provided by A List.  Their teachers will guide them through an interactive vocabulary review, and their English teachers will use these words in class and quiz the students to make sure that they have worked with them.  Additionally, these words will be the same as the ACT WOW Words each week, so the entire school will be reinforcing the same concepts.  Every year, the school will focus on a new glossary of words, so that by the time the students are taking upper level tests (ACT, SAT, and AP exams), they will have become familiar with most of the top 500 words most frequently appearing on the ACT.


As they enter CHS, freshmen should sign up to receive vocabulary words and “Questions of the Day” (see below) and consult Ms. Bivins if they would like to enhance their preparation by taking additional coursework or getting extracurricular tutoring.

We also STRONGLY encourage freshmen to develop good study habits, excel in their academic course work, and read as much non-fiction as possible. Students who need guidance with study skills (note taking, critical reading, time management, etc.,) should consult with one or more of many school resources so that they may quickly become proficient–suggestions include, but are not limited to, their classroom teachers, counselors, free after school tutors, Cougar Academy staff, CARE Academy staff, and ACT Prep staff.

Studies show that freshmen who perform poorly have a very difficult time in making up for GPA deficits or doing well in the coursework for the rest of their high school career, so they should make every possible effort to make positive choices, get the best grades possible, and form positive relationships with their teachers and counselors from the very beginning.

If freshmen or their parents notice difficulties, we encourage PROMPT intervention. We have many resources at our disposal:
Direct assistance from the classroom teacher
Assistance from the student’s individual counselor
Cougar Academy
CARE Academy
Credit Recovery
Free After School Tutoring
Student/Peer Tutoring
Local Prep Resources
Assessment through our Student Support Services

In October, during the PSAT day, students will have the option of registering for the ACT or taking a practice test designed to create a baseline score.

If you would like your freshman to take an ACT this year, we recommend the April test because it offers the TIR (see tab).  This is a great resource for future ACT Prep planning.

In March/April of the freshman year, on the day of the state ACT for juniors, freshmen will take the ACT Measurement Assessment. For this test, we use an actual, retired ACT exam. We will score the tests in-house and allow the freshmen to use the results to guide their preparation. by conducting the assessment in the manner, freshmen may feel comfortable in doing their best on a real ACT exam but without worry that colleges and universities may see their scores before they have been exposed to all content measured on the exam.

Students should continue their QOTD activities as well as their reading throughout the summer.
ACT WOTD (Word of the Day)
ACT QOTD (Question of the Day)

10th Grade Program Overview

Moving on Up (10th grade)

During I&E:

Students will receive their own copies (free of charge) of A List’s proprietary test prep book, The ACT Book of Knowledge.  Students will cover as much as possible of the strategies and concepts in this book on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This year, they will not rotate but will remain in the same room throughout the program.

This program offers many benefits:
*It is offered during the school day; it doesn’t take extra time from extracurricular activities, part-time employment, etc.
*It costs nothing
*It does allow for directed studies time
*It does NOT require any homework–all activities and work take place during ACT intervention
*It offers additional instruction on writing the ACT/SAT and college essays, college application and teacher recommendation packet preparation, career preparation, and more!

In General:

In the sophomore year, students should sign up for the PSAT on October 19th as well as free practice tests to gauge progress from their baseline scores.

In March/April of the sophomore year, on the day of the state ACT for juniors, students will take a very important practice test on the day of the state ACT for juniors. We send this test to A List, which prepares individualized score reports and specifically prescribed improvement plans which we use in conjunction with our ACT Prep Course. We pay a great deal for this service, and it is wasted if test takers don’t do their best. In addition, the scores of this practice test play a large role in determining placement and course of study for our ACT Prep course. Students should take this test very seriously!

In addition, students should continue to read and to take advantage of outside resources (listed under “Online Practice” and “Local Prep Resources”).

Like the freshmen, the sophomores will also participate in the ACT WOW vocabulary program.

Students should continue their QOTD activities as well as their reading throughout the summer.

ACT WOTD (Word of the Day)
ACT QOTD (Question of the Day)

11th Grade Program Overview

ACING the State Assessment (11th grade)

During I&E:

Students will continue their participation in the ACT Prep program with the A List ACT Book of Knowledge by stepping up to three days per week:  Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (or T, W, Th, if we are out on a Monday).

Again, it offers many benefits:
*It is offered during the school day; it doesn’t take extra time from extracurricular activities, part-time employment, etc.
*It costs nothing
*It does allow for directed studies time
*It does NOT require any homework–all activities and work take place during ACT intervention
*It offers additional instruction on writing the ACT/SAT and college essays, college application and teacher recommendation packet preparation, career preparation, and more!

In addition, students should continue to read and to take advantage of outside resources (listed under “Online Practice” and “Local Prep Resources”).

We encourage juniors to register for the December administration of the ACT and to register for the TIR (see tab).

We also recommend taking the test in June after school has ended for the year. Students are more rested, have completed all course work for the junior year, and are not worried/stressed by homework, projects, late nights at work or school immediately prior to the test, etc. Scores are generally higher in June than at any other time of the year.

Students may take the test multiple times. The ACT offers tests in September, October, December, February, April, and June.

Students should continue their QOTD activities as well as their reading throughout the summer.

ACT WOTD (Word of the Day)
ACT QOTD (Question of the Day)

12th Grade Program Overview

Capping off the Senior Year


In General

In order to prepare for each of the regular Saturday test administrations throughout the year, we offer two weeks of free after-school ACT Prep tutoring.

Students will continue to have opportunities to improve scores as seniors by taking the ACT again in September, October, December, or even February. Even if a student has done absolutely no ACT Preparation up to this point, significant gains are still possible. Students with no prior coursework or independent study test preparation should make every effort to enroll in one of the many offerings we have available for all students.

They should continue to do as well as possible in all course work and not allow themselves to become lazy or complacent because colleges take senior coursework very seriously.

Students (yes, even graduates) should continue their reading throughout the summer so that they don’t allow their skills to lapse before entering college. Average weekly reading demands are likely to increase, perhaps exponentially, so students should prepare themselves.

ACT WOTD (Word of the Day)
ACT QOTD (Question of the Day)

FREE AFTER SCHOOL ACT PREP WORKSHOPS (open to all grade levels)

These will be available for the upcoming February, April, and June tests–the two weeks prior to each.  Signups will be available shortly, and you can find the links here.

FREE SENIOR ACT WEEKEND WORKSHOPS–these will return in the fall of 2017.

ACT During the DAY
Yes, you read that correctly! Now, there’s a FREE ACT Prep solution for you during the day, as well!
Athletics or activities keeping you away from the ACT Prep Workshops after school? Working on the Weekends and can’t attend the ACT Senior Weekend Workshops?
We have a solution for YOU!!!!
If your study hall falls during either second or third period, see your counselor to register for two special ACT Prep classes NOW!
Hurry!!!! Spaces are limited!!

Test Registration

Consult the ACT website for the following:
*Fee Waiver Eligibility Requirements
*ACT Codes for Colleges/Scholarships

If you’re having financial difficulty, speak with your counselor, and we will assist you!

We want to make sure that you have every possible advantage when you sit for the ACT so that you can get your best possible score.

Every student is different–we all have different backgrounds and learning styles.  ACT offers “accommodations” in accordance with the American Disabilities Act to help students  perform equitably.  ACT-Approved Accommodations can include extended time, alternate test formats, stop-the-clock breaks, and authorization to test over multiple days. Examples of alternate test formats are audiocassettes or audio DVDs, Braille or large print.

ACT-Approved Accommodations

ACT Accommodations User Guide

Since ACT is now online, students requesting both extended time and special testing must follow a new procedure.  PLEASE follow the information below carefully and direct questions to Mrs. Shuman.

Accommodations Information
*Information About Special Testing
(NOTE:  Only the Accommodations Supervisor may actually request these.  These links are for informational/educational purposes only. If you feel that you qualify for Arranged, Extended Time, or Special Testing, please see Mrs. Pam Shuman, our CHS Test Accommodations Supervisor.)

*All students needing accommodations will go online to their web account and begin the registration process for their desired selected test date.
*At the beginning of the registration,  the screen will ask the student the following question:   “Will you need accommodations?”
*They will select “Yes.”
*The screen will then ask the following:  “Will you be requesting ‘Extended Time’ or ‘Special Testing'”?
*They will then select the appropriate one for their accommodation and complete the registration process using the appropriate form of payment.
*Once they have completed the registration process, they need to watch for an email from ACT.  They should then forward the email to Mrs. Shuman so that she knows they have paid to take the test and that she needs to submit the request through TAA for the accommodations.
IMPORTANT:  Students should make sure that they complete this process well ahead of the final registration date so that the accommodations have sufficient time to process.
Questions:  Email Mrs. Shuman.

Additional Helpful Forms and Information *Is my calculator acceptable?

When is the best time to buy a calculator for the ACT or SAT?  As you know, calculators can be very expensive, so when is the best time to go calculator shopping?  If you don’t mind getting a used calculator, shop in May and June when students are graduating and no longer need their old calculators.  Ebay is a great place to shop at this time.

If you don’t want to purchase a calculator, no worries.  Go to the library and check out a calculator for your use during the year.  Rental costs are NOMINAL, and you’ll be prepared!

For the April, June, and December test dates, you can order a special service from ACT called the “Test Information Release.”

This is a particularly great option for your test prep planning because, for a small fee (currently $18), ACT will send you a copy of YOUR answers to each question, as well as a copy of the test and the key, so that you can show your tutor/teacher the actual questions you missed and have him/her explore which distractor you chose AND why you chose it.

The ACT works very hard to create “distractors,” or wrong answers, based on common student errors and misconceptions.  When a tutor/teacher sees the distractor, knowing how to coach or what to reteach becomes exponentially easier!  In short, the small fee is worth it!

You can request this service online service.

Still not able to find ACT Prep help between now and the test date?
Make an appointment to see Ms. Calvert, and she will help you with some creative problem-solving strategies and alternative options!

Mr. Chris Hames, Executive Principal
Email | Hames’ Page | Twitter
Hames’ Weekly Power Notes

Assistant Principals
Dr. Patrick Boyd, 10th-12th Grade P-Z
Mr. Javier Nuñez, 10th-12th Grade A-G
Mr. Fred Taylor, 10th-12th Grade H-O
Mrs. Jeni Calvert, 9th Grade

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Available Checkpoints Classes:

August 7, 2017 @ 6pm (MONDAY)
August 8, 2017 @ 8am (TUESDAY)
August 8, 2017 @ 6pm (TUESDAY)
August 9, 2017 @ 8am (WEDNESDAY)
August 9, 2017 @ 6pm (WEDNESDAY)
August 19, 2017 @ 10:30am (SATURDAY)
September 7, 2017 @ 6pm (THURSDAY)
September 16, 2017 @ 10:30am (SATURDAY)
September 26, 2017 @ 6pm (TUESDAY)