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Partnering with Parents and Students to Facilitate Success

The role of the traditional high school counselor has evolved tremendously in recent years.  Today’s students need much more than schedule changes and recommendations to achieve their goals in an ever more competitive academic arena and work force, and Centennial’s counselors work tirelessly on behalf of each member of the Cougar Nation.  They listen to student concerns, help students determine their strengths and match those to appropriate and relevant high school curricula, monitor progress toward diploma completion, facilitate the college application process, and much, much more.  Beginning this year, our counselors are excited to move forward through all four years with their designated students to strengthen both relationships and results.

A female Centennial student searches a database in the counseling center.
Mrs. Tarr assists students at the counseling center computers.
Mrs. Tarr explains information about college applications to students in Counsling.

Counseling Staff

The Counseling Center has adapted its policies to provide for greater consistency and deeper rapport between each counselor and her students.  For this reason, students fall under a particular counselor by last name, and that counselor will stay with them throughout their high school careers.

Tara Miller: A-C

Molly Woods: D-H

Jill Crucini: I-M

Jesika Stuart: N-SL

Kelsey Tarr: SM-Z

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Christy Akers
Social Worker
Melissa Bowles
STARS Counselor, STARS
Paula Corbacho
Family Involvement Specialist
Suzanne Lange
Jill Lloyd-Crucini
Hilda Lloyd
Jill Micco
Tara Miller
Jesika Stuart
Kelsey Tarr
Kristin Trudeau
Behavior Specialist
Molly Woods

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