Parents, Teachers, and Students:
Working Together Makes Everything Better

The PTSO members who come in every Tuesday to make copies for the faculty pose smile and pose,
The Centennial students in The Section have used fabric to make a large American flag which they drape over each row of the stands.
Parents serve pancakes to Centennial students after a home game for the Cougar Cakes event.

Behind every great school, there is a great organization of parents, teachers, and students working together to support every aspect of school life.  Since our school’s inception in 1996, the Centennial PTSO has served as the primary organization for all stakeholders to become involved in supporting the school in a variety of ways:

  • Encouraging the volunteerism and active involvement of all parents in their children’s education
  • Facilitating teaching and learning by providing additional equipment, supplies, and other types of support to classroom teachers, coaches, and administration
  • Stimulating community involvement in the welfare and day to day activities of the school
  • Enhancing morale among all stakeholders
  • Supporting the general welfare of all stakeholders

Everyone is needed!  Everyone can find a place to serve that fits perfectly with his or her availability, interests, and skill set.  We encourage all parents and teachers to join and to become lifelong members of this incredible organization.

We need YOU!

How to Join

Joining is easy!  You can do it at any meeting, or you can register and pay your annual dues right here by using our convenient online PTSO registration form.

You may also print the registration form and submit it in person or by mail.

2019-2020 Registration Form
2019-2020 Registration Form (en español)

Have questions?  Email us!


We want to be accessible to you.  To request assistance or volunteer for a specific committee, contact us via email.

Attending Meetings

We will announce our meeting dates well ahead of time in the Paw Prints, our newsletter.  Meetings begin at 7:00 P.M. in the library, and everyone is welcome.  Both members and nonmembers may attend; however, members may vote on important issues in our General Membership meetings.  It pays to be a member!

Tuesday Volunteers

Every Tuesday morning at 9:00 A.M., the Tuesday Morning Volunteers meet in the PTSO workroom for our weekly scheduled workday.  You are always welcome to drop by.  This is just one of the many great opportunities to meet other parents, to get connected, to learn more about our school, and to serve the Centennial community.

So stop by the front office, obtain a visitor’s pass, and get started!

News: Paw Prints

The Paw Prints are the official  PTSO newsletter for CHS.  You can access it here or sign up to receive it via email.

Newsletters will resume in the fall of 2019.

This is the official logo or brand of the PTSO's largest single fundraiser.

The Centennial Holiday Show is the CHS PTSO’s primary fundraiser.  Each weekend before Thanksgiving, over 200 arts and crafts vendors transform CHS into a prime holiday  shopping destination.  To register to be a vendor and learn all about the event, visit our special Centennial Holiday  Show website.

Questions? Just email us directly. We’ll get back to you promptly with the information you need.

Contact Us

To reach the CHS PTSO, email us!

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