We Are Centennial

A female soccer player with her arms folded in front smiles for the camera.

Centennial first opened its doors in the fall of 1996, the first “new” high school to follow well-established icons Franklin, Brentwood, Fairview, and Page.  Since then, the Centennial family has come together to establish an ever-growing blend of both unique tradition and innovation. From the C-C-C-H-S cheer to our signature grade level Spirit Wear to Peace/Love/Cougars, we have demonstrated school pride and have established a definite sense of belonging and identity.  Parents, students, and teachers alike comment on the close-knit nature of our family and the way we support each other through good times and bad.
We Are Centennial.

A collage of four pictures representing band, athletics, theater, and academics.

The official mascot of Centennial High School is the Cougar, known by the Latin name felis concolor. Our brand symbol for the Cougar is the Power Cat.  During the 2013-2014 school year, our student body affectionately christened our very own cougar with the name Clyde.

Clyde the Cougar, Centennial's mascot, cheers from the stands in the football stadium.

Cougars Do It with Class:  Throughout the state, we’re known for our exceptional school spirit and sportsmanship, and we’ve built a strong, dedicated, supportive fan base for all of our competitive endeavors.  Under the leadership of dedicated instructors, “The Section” goes all out for fun fierce fellowship as our Cougars take to the field, court, arena, pool, track, or wherever else the competition calls.

Whether it be a flag runner at a Friday night game or a Cougar Crew representative, a member of Best Buddies or the Spirit Squad, Centennial students strive to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for each other, new students, and guests by focusing on inclusion, encouragement, empowerment, and sportsmanship. Through various student enrichment and assistance programs ranging from large-scale tutoring programs to individual student mentorships the faculty and staff dedicate themselves tirelessly to facilitating the success of the total diverse student body population.

Along with tradition comes innovation, and CHS offers a series of unique programs which afford our students the opportunity to participate in internship style experiences as well as business simulations and real-life design and implementation which not only provide enrichment for college bound students but also offer certification for those hoping to enter the career and technology workforce upon graduation.

Centennial houses the county’s  first and only Cosmetology program, advanced digital and computer-assisted design programs, focus areas in Criminal Justice and early childhood education, as well as award-winning Ecology, DECA, JTG, HOSA, SKILLS USA programs, and, to name a few.  As of Fall 2014, it houses the WIT Center, a state-of-the-art IT collaboration with Columbia State University.

“The Roar of the Cougars”
O, Come and sing Centennial’s praise
In her honor voices raise
For the friends we’ve learned to know
Who make our hearts and faces glow,
Many days already gone
We’ll remember with our song,
We owe you much our hearts confess
Our beloved C- H- S.

Music: Robert M. McCheyne
Arrangement & Lyrics: Thomas Boquet & Daniel Pryor, CHS – Ms. Felicia Barber’s AP Music Theory Class Spring 2006

We actually sing and play the CHS Fight Song to the tune of “On Wisconsin.”
Here’s how the lyrics translate to Centennial:

CHS, CHS, plunge right through that line.
Run the ball clear down the field, a touchdown sure this time.
CHS, CHS, fight on for her fame.
Fight, fellows, fight, fight, fight, we’ll win this game.
CHS, CHS, stand up, Cougars, sing.
“Forward” is our driving spirit, loyal voices ring.
CHS, CHS, raise her glowing flame.
Stand, fellows, let us now salute her name.