About Centennial High School

Every school has a story, and Centennial is no exception.  For many years, the county maintained only four iconic high schools:  Franklin, the oldest high school in the district; Northeast, which eventually became Brentwood; and Fairview and Page, which served the more rural areas on opposite ends of the county.  It wasn’t until the incredible economic growth spurt of the late eighties and early nineties that the growing pains of the community found their way into the school system.  Centennial was the first of six expansion schools, and our county just continues to grow.  After two decades, we’ve evolved from the new kid on the block to a thriving community with high achievers in all areas of life and legendary rivalries in every field of competition.

View of interior lobby of Centennial High School as you enter the school

When several names submitted to the school board did not receive positive response, the Transportation Committee was tasked with finding a suitable moniker.  Although Williamson County was actually celebrating its bicentennial in 1996, the name was shortened, “Centennial” caught on in the community, and it was eventually unanimously approved by the board.  Soon after, we adopted the Cougar as our mascot, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Centennial High School opened its doors in August of 1996. The faculty and administration reflect the diversity and richness of Williamson County. Representing all corners of the community, these individuals possess a unique blend of background and expertise. They strive to offer an unparalleled commitment, providing students with a quality education that promises to make Centennial High School synonymous with excellence.

Offering optimal education experiences in a modern facility, the physical structure of Centennial High School reflects Williamson County’s commitment to innovation, technology, and education. Structurally striking and aesthetically pleasing, this two-story plan integrates technology with a positive learning environment that will prepare students for life-long learning in the 21st century (see virtual tour). The design and construction of Centennial High School foster expectations for excellence.

A user-friendly college and career counseling center is networked online to colleges and universities. Twelve science laboratories allow for extensive hands-on experimentation. Three fully-networked computer laboratories focus on business applications, computer literacy, and programming.

In addition, a fully-networked communications lab services the technology broadcasting program, yearbook production, and journalism. Each classroom houses a minimum of one computer; in addition, students have access to a computerized library media center and several technology classrooms that include computer and dark-room capability.

The facility also houses the county’s first and only Cosmetology Program and the new WiT Center.

All instructional environments focus on assisting and expanding the learning potential of the student, creating safe situations through which students may develop into educated, responsible citizens of a global society.