Coronavirus and WCS Updated FAQs

Last Updated 3/26/2020

To help answer questions parents may have about the Coronavirus, the Tennessee Department of Health launched a Tennessee Coronavirus Public Information Line. The hotline number is 877-857-2945 and will be available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

How do I know what my student should be working on while we are out of school?

WCS Curriculum Specialist and Teachers prepared resources and activities for all students. That information can be found here: Learning Resources Spring 2020.

With schools closed for an extended time, will there be State testing this school year?

No. The Tennessee General Assembly passed HB2818/ SB2672, which waives state assessment and accountability requirements, including the 2019-20 spring administration of the TNReady and end-of-course assessments.

When will kindergarten registration take place?

Early registration for 2020-21 kindergarten has been postponed at all schools. When the registration window opens, we will share that information on our website, social media channels and through our online newsletter, InFocus.

How to Acquire a Chromebook (Pickup Schedule beginning March 26) or Assistive Technology

For students who don’t have at least one available device at home to access the internet, the WCS Technology Department is preparing Chromebooks for curbside pickup at multiple locations. High School pickup will begin March 26, with middle pickup on March 30, and elementary pickup on April 1. Schools will communicate the pickup schedule and process.

Assistive Technology (AT) devices used by students during school will be made accessible through check out.

If your child may have accessibility issues for the optional educational resources due to a disability that may warrant the need for assistive technology, please email ( or call (615-472-4132) Kim Palmer.

What happens to my third quarter grade? If I have an assignment from third quarter that I haven’t turned in, can I still do it?

Assignments that were given and were due prior to school closing for this extended period should be submitted to your teacher for a grade. Third quarter grades are not final and will remain incomplete at this time.

I am concerned about my high school student’s future classwork. What is the plan?

Middle and high school students will soon be able to access specific resources for every course taught at the secondary level. Teachers of each course from every school are working together with WCS curriculum specialists to create shared Google sites which will contain resources for that particular course. The Google sites will be released by the end of the day on Thursday, March 26 and updated systematically during the complete school closure. That process will be repeated for each course taught at the middle and high school level, and the resources will be organized by course standard. Teacher leaders will continuously update the Google sites for the duration of the school closure.

Through this process, teachers will be available to help in a variety of ways. They will be communicating with students and families through WCS myplace email accounts, Skyward, Google Classroom, telephone (as needed), and Schoology (only for those trained and using Schoology already). School counselors will also continue their work with students and may schedule individual phone conferences with students and parents on topics such as school registration and post-secondary plans.

What will happen for students transferring in who do not have an assigned teacher or ClassLink account?

While school is closed, we are not enrolling new students.  However, you might find our Scope & Sequence guide as well as our Learning Resources Spring 2020 helpful.

If someone doesn’t have a computer or internet access, will we be providing the computers we have to these students?

Our Technology Department is preparing Chromebooks for students who need them during this time. More information will be shared later this week. Also, many private providers are currently offering free internet access. Check out our webpage for information on some of those providers.

Are the resources posted on your website considered assignments for the students? Or will each of their teachers be posting assignments on Google Classroom soon?

The resources listed on the Student Resources page of our website are not assignments. No grades will be given for the work that is done.

I visited the Student Resources page on the website and noticed when you click on the link and try to click on the Math K-5 resources, it doesn’t link you anywhere. Could it not link you to your ClassLink log-in?

Some of these are resources that require a separate log-in (the district subscribes to them). You must logon to the ClassLink Dashboard first. From there, you will see the icons for each individual resource we have listed.

Have Superintendent Golden and Franklin Special School District Superintendent David Snowden talked about their approaches? Isn’t what FSSD is doing the same thing that we are doing: providing resources now, and then having teachers come in and develop grade level lessons? 

WCS Superintendent Jason Golden and FSSD Superintendent Dr. David Snowden have communicated about their plans during this crisis. WCS was closed a few more days than FSSD during March because the early impact of a school visitor who had COVID-19, but both districts made the decision to close through April 3 after speaking to each other. WCS has grade level resources posted for students now, available through students’ ClassLink accounts. Groups of teachers are working the week of March 23 to add to that content, with specific materials at the elementary grades emphasizing math and ELA (English); middle school content in math, ELA, science and social studies; and course specific content for each high school course offered at the middle and high school levels.  As these materials are prepared this week, they will be shared through google sites.

Are we going to have an extended school year?

As of March 23, school is set to resume April 27. With that said, this is a fluid situation, and we will continue to monitor the situation and seek guidance from Governor Bill Lee, the Tennessee Department of Education, the Tennessee Department of Health and the Williamson County Department of Health in the days ahead.

Are students going to be able to get stuff from our classrooms/lockers if school ends up closing?

Schools will work with families to determine when students can pick up essential items that are needed to complete the online work.

Who do I contact if I am not getting notifications about school closings?

If you are no longer receiving school closure alerts, please contact the WCS Communications Department at 615-472-4030. We will also alert the public anytime there is a school closure by posting that information on the district’s Facebook page, Twitter account and our mobile app.

How does a student get a hard copy of their transcript or attendance record.

The first step is to call the school to set up a time to pick up the documents. Not all schools will be staffed and able to accommodate the request.

How are you handling athletic and arts events, practices, field trips, etc.?

All WCS athletics and arts events and field trips are currently cancelled. This cancellation is for events, field trips, and practices held on or off campus under the supervision of WCS.

Are outside groups still able to use WCS facilities?

Faculty use requests from community groups using campuses are currently suspended.