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The Tennessee Department of Health has launched a Tennessee Coronavirus Public Information Line to answer questions about the virus. The hotline number is 877-857-2945 and will be available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

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(3/25/20) Facebook Live

(3/24/2020) Closure Extended

Hello Williamson County Students, Families and Staff. This is Carol Birdsong calling. Please listen to the entire message and please read the email from Superintendent Jason Golden that accompanies this call.

At a news conference this afternoon, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced that he was requesting all public schools in the State to remain closed through Friday, April 24, 2020. To honor his request, Williamson County Schools will be closed through April 24.

Please read Superintendent Golden’s letter to learn more about resources teachers and staff have been preparing for students and what families can expect while students and staff are away from our school buildings.

Message from Superintendent Jason Golden

March 24, 2020

WCS Families,

I hope you and your children have had a chance to review some of the online grade level and course content resources available through ClassLink that we told you about Friday. As a reminder, our webpage describing the resources, password help and a link to ClassLink is at, and our technology coaches continue to help those of you who need your child’s username and password.

Teacher teams and curriculum specialists are working to provide additional instructional resource materials in the coming days. That content will begin to be posted Thursday afternoon. This material will be both grade level and content specific, with resources and work your children may do at their grade level, including specific content for high school courses. Our special education staff has also been working on helping make resources accessible for students with disabilities.

The elementary content that will be shared later this week will be available in pdf format on our website that you can print at home, or it will be available in a paper version. Elementary schools will offer curbside pickup for those of you who need the paper version.  Your principals will share their pickup schedules with you later this week.

Each course taught at the secondary level will have a Google Site created with specific resources listed by standards for that course. The first set of Google Sites will be released by the end of the day on Thursday. Teachers of each course from every school are working together this week with our district curriculum specialists to create these shared sites, utilizing all resources and experience of teachers in each school around the district. Secondary school principals will communicate with their communities on how to request printed copies of resources as the materials are released.

For students who don’t have at least one available device at home to access the internet, our Technology Department is preparing Chromebooks for curbside pickup at multiple locations. More information on the days, times and process will be shared later tomorrow, with this Thursday being the start of the pickup schedule.

We look forward to our continued work with you providing lessons while your children are at home. If you have questions, email your child’s teacher. Counselors, social workers, and other professionals will also continue their work serving students. Your child’s principal will also be sharing information with you from time to time and may be a resource to connect you with WCS services.

Thank you for your continued support as we all go through this unprecedented time.

Hello from Your Principals

(3/22/20) Communication to WCS Families

Thank you for your patience and continued support during this unprecedented time. We know that our teachers want to reconnect with their students; our students are missing the normalcy of being with their friends in school; and you, as parents and guardians, want what’s best for your child.

Before and during Spring Break, members of our leadership team worked to create instructional plans and resources for the time we are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While State and National guidance continues to change as the situation evolves, I want to let you know what we have done and what we are working toward as of March 22, 2020.

  1. Grade level resources are posted online for your children through their ClassLink accounts. Many of our students have been accessing some instructional materials throughout the year through ClassLink. That webpage also has a grade level list of resources that student can find on ClassLink (Ex: GoMath on the K-5 list) that may be accessed by your child using their user name and password after logging in to ClassLink. If your child needs assistance, we have a phone number for you to call on that webpage. Please leave a message and a member of our Instructional Technology staff will respond as soon as possible. There are both class and supplemental materials on many of these sites accessible through ClassLink.
  2. Beginning tomorrow, teacher groups will be working to add to the content currently posted, with specific materials at the elementary grades emphasizing math and ELA (English Language Arts); middle school grade level content in math, ELA, science and social studies; plus course specific content for each high school course offered at the middle and high school levels. We will also post ACT preparation materials as part of this. As these materials are prepared, they will be posted and shared through Google Sites, again accessible through ClassLink.
  3. Special education staff is working with teacher teams on accessibility to this online content.
  4. I have been asked about online courses and distance learning. While WCS does offer a limited amount of online courses, we do not have the capability to offer them across the district for every grade, teacher or course. In addition, WCS does not have the capacity needed to give all of our 41,000 students a Chromebook or other device over the next few weeks. However, we recognize that many of you may not have access to a device, and members of our Technology Department have been preparing Chromebooks and charging cords to make available for those students who need them during this time. More information will be shared later this week with a schedule and checkout process.

Please remember that there will be no required assignments, grades or attendance taken during this time.

We all have questions during this uncertain time, and we will continue to update our website when we have answers and additional information: In addition, your principal will be reaching out soon.

Thank you again for your continued support of our teachers, schools and school district.

(3/20/20) Coronavirus Update

(3/18/20) WCS Update

I am writing to give you a mid-week Spring Break update to keep you posted on what we know as of today as we continue to work through all the fluid issues related to COVID-19 and public schools.

This week, both the Tennessee General Assembly and the Tennessee Commissioner of Education are taking action to give schools relief in keeping with Governor Lee’s request that schools close for the rest of the month. Our legislature is currently discussing a bill to revise the high school graduation requirements, recognizing that public schools are losing instructional time as a result of the closure. That bill passed the House Education Committee this afternoon and also includes items such as waiving TNReady tests for the year, waiving the 180 instructional day requirement, waiving accountability requirements for student attendance this year, etc. If you’re interested in studying this legislation in detail, it’s a seven page bill, House Bill 2818/Senate Bill 2672. A copy can be found here but should also be posted on the State website at some point soon.

Likewise, Commissioner of Education Penny Schwinn has submitted a request to the US Department of Education for similar waivers. A copy of that waiver request is on the State website and here. We are monitoring the progress of the Commissioner’s request and will update you when we hear any results. As part of this, the Commissioner has told Superintendents across the State that she recognizes we will be seeking waivers from her for the State school day requirements. Locally, WCS had 10 inclement weather days built into our 2019-2020 calendar through additional instructional time over the State requirements. The common state language calls them “stockpiled” days. We have officially used seven of our ten days up to Spring Break. With WCS closed the next two weeks after Spring Break, we will use our remaining three stockpiled days Monday-Wednesday next week and an additional seven days through April 3. Like most every school district in the State, we are requesting a waiver of those days and are encouraged by the steps being taken by the Legislature and the Commissioner this week that may simplify that process. For those of you interested in detail, the State waiver request form is on the Department of Education website and here, and the guidance for a waiver request mentioned in that form is here.

Here in Williamson County, we are committed to providing helpful resources to keep our students engaged while schools are closed. This will include appropriate grade level materials. It is also important to us that the resources we provide are accessible to all our students. We will be sharing those resources next week.

For our high school students, ACT, SAT and Advanced Placement testing is being adjusted nationally, and we will share additional information as it becomes available from these providers.

As you know, WCS is closed through Friday, April 3 with a plan at this point to reopen April 6. However, we recognize that this situation is fluid and things may change even before the next couple of weeks have passed. I will communicate with you again in a few days as more questions are answered. Thank you for doing your part to honor the health officials’ recommendation to limit group gatherings. I appreciate your continued support for WCS and your patience as we work through this public health emergency.

(3/16/20) No school in WCS through Friday, April 3, 2020

Today, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee urged all school districts to close through Tuesday, March 31, 2020, to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, COVID-19, in our State. However, Williamson County Schools will be closed through the remainder of that week, Friday, April 3, 2020.

The School Age Child Care program will remain closed.

We know our employees and families have many questions. We will communicate additional information with our staff later this week. Also, we will continue to communicate with families regarding any additional instructional services that may be provided during the time we are closed.

Governor Lee’s news release is included below.

Please continue to visit the school district website for updates and additional information.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we work together through this public health emergency.

March 16, 2020
Governor Lee Issues Statement Regarding Statewide School Closure
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Today, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee issued the following statement regarding statewide school closure:

“As the response to COVID-19 evolves, I urge every school district in Tennessee to close as soon as practically possible, with all schools expected to close by Friday, March 20, 2020 at the latest. Schools should remain closed through March 31, 2020 to further mitigate the spread of this infectious disease and we will issue further guidance prior to March 31. Superintendents and local leadership have the full support of my administration to determine effective dates for closure this week as they evaluate what is best for families within their respective districts. We understand the tremendous burden school closure places on families and we will continue to work with both the federal government and school districts to ensure we continue essential supports like meals for students in need. Every Tennessean has a role to play in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and I urge Tennesseans to be quick to help neighbors as new needs surface with the closure of schools.”

(3/12/20) Facebook Live

(3/11/20) No school in WCS March 12 and 13, 2020

As you know, WCS has been communicating with officials from both the Tennessee Department of Health and the Williamson County Health Department as we have made decisions regarding school closures this week. After consulting with them today, WCS will be closed for the remainder of the week.

We are continuing to adapt our preparedness plan to specifically address COVID-19, and we will be sending you additional information regarding this prior to our students and staff returning from spring break.

The School Aged Child Care program will be open at inclement weather sites on both days following inclement weather hours for those families who need that service. Twelve month employees should follow the inclement weather protocol.

We will be updating Frequently Asked Questions on our website for information regarding homework and other topics. In addition, Superintendent Jason Golden will be holding a Facebook live conversation on Thursday, March 12 at noon.

Again, no school in WCS March 12 and 13, 2020. We plan to resume school on Monday, March 23, 2020, after spring break.

(3/10/20) No School in WCS on March 11, 2020

As you know, last evening a parent in the Brentwood area notified the district that they had tested positive for the Coronavirus and that they had visited a school prior to that diagnosis. The Tennessee Department of Health completed its investigation today and confirmed that the parent had COVID-19.  The Department implemented their protocols and those in direct contact with the parent while symptomatic have been notified.

While we work to learn more about the impact of this virus on our schools, Williamson County Schools will remain closed on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

The School Aged Child Care program will be open at inclement weather sites following inclement weather hours for those families who need that service. Twelve month employees should follow the inclement weather protocol.

Again, no school in Williamson County on March 11, 2020.

(3/10/20) Schools Closed March 10, 2020

Late yesterday, a parent in the Brentwood area notified the district that they had tested positive for the Coronavirus and that they had visited a school prior to that diagnosis. We are working with the Tennessee Department of Health who has notified us that they will begin investigating this report today including investigating any contact with WCS faculty, staff and students, if needed. To assist with this process, Williamson County Schools will be closed on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

The School Aged Child Care program will be open at inclement weather sites following inclement weather hours for those families who need that service. Twelve month employees should follow the inclement weather protocol.

The district will continue working with the Tennessee Department of Health, the Williamson County Health Department and Williamson County Emergency Management through this process.

(3/9/20) WCS Open March 10, 2020

The cleaning process has gone well over the past several days and will conclude today. Schools and the district will reopen tomorrow, Tuesday, March 10 at regular times.

While the confirmed case of Coronavirus was not connected to our school district, we recognize that the good health habits recommended by our medical professionals still apply. We will continue to work with the Tennessee Department of Health, the Williamson County Health Department, the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency in addition to others to inform the decisions made by the district leadership and in an effort to keep you updated on this constantly changing situation.

We encourage you to visit our website for Coronavirus information. In the attached email, you will find links which also include information shared in a news conference Thursday in addition to links to a variety of resources for your review. One of those is an FAQ for parents with information to a hotline you can call with questions.

Please remember to follow the CDC guidelines if your family has been traveling or plans to travel over spring break next week, and please follow the WCS illness guidelines regarding attendance.

We will continue to update our website and communicate through our email newsletter InFocus and through our phone and email notification system as more information becomes available to us.

(3/5/20) Williamson County Emergency Management Press Conference

(3/5/20) School Closed in WCS March 6 and 9

Governor Bill Lee and Commissioner of Health Dr. Lisa Piercey announced today that the first confirmed case of the coronavirus, COVID-19, in Tennessee is an adult male in Williamson County.

For the past several weeks, we have been working with the Williamson County Health Department and the Tennessee Department of Health as we all have been monitoring the rapidly changing coronavirus health issue in our country and across the world.

Commissioner Piercey has confirmed that the overall risk to the general public remains low and that the patient is isolated at home. She continued to encourage hand washing and other preventative measures.

As part of our preparedness plan and as an additional precaution, Williamson County Schools will be closed districtwide for deep cleaning on Friday, March 6 and Monday, March 9. The School Age Child Care program will also be closed. All extracurricular activities will be cancelled.

These days will count as inclement weather days, so we will have seven remaining days after March 9.

As mentioned in our district newsletter, InFocus, on Tuesday, the Tennessee Department of Health is providing information about COVID-19 on its website. Additional information about symptoms, prevention and treatment and testing is available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website.

WCS nurses are encouraging families to follow the recommendations of the CDC to prevent the spread of flu. Those include regular hand washing, cough etiquette and staying home if you are sick. Parents can visit our website for the complete list of WCS illness guidelines.

We will continue to follow the guidance of our local and state health departments and know that we are committed to updating you with information as it becomes available to us.