Related Arts Classes

At Chapman’s Retreat Elementary, we pride ourselves on developing the whole student.  Daily offerings of special area classes help to meet that goal.  Our related arts classes are on a 5 day rotation.  Students attend a 50 minute class of music, art, library/technology once a week, and Physical Education twice a week.

The art department at Chapman’s Retreat creates a fun way for students to learn many techniques using the art mediums of crayons, markers, color sticks, paint, paper, clay, and more.  Art history studies movements in art.  Students will also learn the way artists have influenced the world around them. Technology is used to help students search for information and compare artworks. Students are given the chance to grow as budding artists. Each child is encouraged to express himself or herself. Student artwork is displayed through an exhibit at a Nashville art museum and the WCS Spring Fine Arts Festival. You can also access your child’s artwork, which is scanned by students in class.

The school counselors wear many hats.  They lead classroom guidance and conduct small groups.  They also meet with individual students to cater to individual needs.  School counselors also help to coordinate 504 meetings. Classroom guidance consists of lessons on character development and focus on one character word per month.  Lessons also focus on life skills such as personal, social, emotional and career development. More information on counseling can be found by exploring, our School Counseling page.

The CRES Library Media Center, also known as the Learning Commons, strives to be a hub for all students, faculty, and staff.  At the heart of our school, the media center aims to be a firm foundation for not only literacy but all facets of lifelong learning.  Through literature, technology, research, multiple types of media, and classroom collaboration, the library program uses many forms of learning.  Our media specialist helps students find interesting and appropriate reading material.  They offer practice and reading support through Accelerated Reader and by acknowledging students as they reach their reading goals.  Visit the Media Center to see more details on the library program, tools, and resources.

Students at Chapman’s Retreat Elementary attend music class once a week for 50 minutes.  Classes are taught through the Orff Schulwek approach, where the motto is sing, speak, dance, and play.  In music class, the students will learn through active music making experiences such as singing, moving/dancing and playing instruments. All 4th and 5th grade students have the option to join Cheetah Singers, the school chorus.  Students involved in chorus meet once a week before school.  These students will have many performance opportunities throughout the school year, including the Williamson County Fine Arts Festival in the Spring.


The Chapman Retreat Elementary Physical Education Department is committed to providing quality activities that encourage an active lifestyle.  Students are exposed to a variety of activities categorized by loco-motor skills, non-loco-motor skills, manipulative skills, games and fitness challenges.  Students experience activities that are developmentally appropriate, while consideration is given for individual differences and learning styles. Lessons are structured to provide a variety of activities that enhance physical, mental, and social/emotional development.  There are many activities taught to enhance an active lifestyle, but two favorites are bowling and roller skating.

Students will come to class to learn about technology, computer proficiency, and being a productive, positive, healthy member of the online world. Focus will be on technological readiness, application of computer programs, and digital citizenship.

Cheetah Champs

Related Arts Teachers use a behavior plan called Cheetah Champs.  It is an incentive-based positive behavior plan that allows students to earn rewards in exchange for excellent behavior.