Character Education – Best Me

Creekside uses a team-developed character curriculum called Best Me that focuses on student-driven success using eight key ideas.  These characteristics are taught and encouraged in all areas of the school, not just the traditional classroom setting.  Our students are future leaders, setting their own goals and monitoring their progress as they become the best versions of themselves.

Best Me

Creekside’s Best Me Program encourages students to develop leadership skills through goal-setting, self-evaluation, and collaboration with peers.

Our Best Me Keys are introduced and explored each month.  They include empathy, responsibility, compromise, teamwork, perseverance, respect, innovation, and integrity.

Be Nice

Since 2013, Williamson County Schools have been working on ways to create a culture of kindness in our schools. After developing the slogan BE NICE,  WCS began printing t-shirts and signs with the mantra. As the message spread, photos of students, teachers, celebrities, and professional athletes holding the BE NICE sign began to appear on social media, and schools began to report a change in student behavior. The BE NICE message continues making a real difference!