Read, Learn, & Discover in the Creekside Learning Commons

The Creekside Learning Commons is the heart of the school where students and staff use our reliable resources and check out great books!  Our students become independent learners with our reading and technology goals and develop teamwork and problem-solving skills through our makerspace program.

Learning Commons Information

Mission Statement
The mission of the Creekside Learning Commons is to provide materials and resources to support the curriculum while encouraging the love of reading and independent inquiry. Our goal is that students will develop into independent library users of information and technology while becoming life-long learners with a love of reading.

Mission Statement for Students
The Creekside Learning Commons provides the resources that teachers and students need during the school year, but we also want to you to read amazing stories and learn about things that interest you that we might not talk about very much while we are in school.  During your time in the Learning Commons, we want you learn to be independent and find the things you need and want so you can explore and answer questions you might have.  If you learn to do it now, you can do this at other schools and when you are an adult!

Monday through Friday from 8:40 AM to 3:30 PM.

Learning Commons Visits
Each class has a scheduled time to receive library, technology, and engineering instruction, return books, and select new ones. Individual students may come throughout the day during open checkout with teacher permission.


  • Kindergarten – 1 book
  • 1st Grade –1st semester = 1 book, 2nd semester = 2 books (1 just right & 1 choice)
  • 2nd Grade – 2 books (1 just right & 1 choice)
  • 3rd-5th Grades – 3 books (1 just right fiction, 1 just right nonfiction & 1 book of choice)

Open Checkout
Students have daily access to the learning commons and may come each day for a new book with teacher permission. Books may be renewed for two additional times and then must be returned for others to enjoy.

Damaged Books
Please return damaged books to the Learning Commons for repair.  Accidents can and do happen.  Pets chew books, younger siblings redesign them, snack boxes leak, etc. Books that become damaged beyond repair must be replaced so others may continue to check them out. A damage bill with replacement costs will be sent home.  Should a page accidentally rip, please return your book to the Learning Commons, and we will repair the page with special tape.  Checkout privileges are suspended until arrangements are made between parents and the Learning Commons to take care of damaged book fines.

Overdue Books
There is not a fine for overdue books. However, students must return books to check out books and maintain their book limit.

Lost Books
Books that have not surfaced in 30 days are presumed to be lost. An overdue bill with the cost of replacing the book will be sent home.  Checkout privileges are suspended until arrangements are made between parents and the Learning Commons to take care of lost books.

If a lost book is found within the same year it was paid for, you may return it to the Learning Commons and our school bookkeeper will issue a refund check.  If a lost book is found during another school year the book is yours to keep.

Please read our Creekside Family Letter about our progress-driven Accelerated Reader (AR) program that will come home this fall.

Check on your student’s AR progress from home by logging into RenPlace HomeConnect where you can also sign up to receive notifications about student AR quizzes.  Support your student’s reading goals and learn more about How to Read the Most Important Numbers in HomeConnect for Accelerated Reader.

Celebration Books

Families can donate a book to Creekside Library Media Center in honor of student birthdays and milestones or the life of a beloved family member or pet.  Please contact Ms. Peach for more information. Thank you for thinking of us while you celebrate.

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Learning Commons Contacts

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Emily Wiesner
Library Teaching Assistant