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Budget & Finance Objectives

The objective of the budget and finance department is to provide the most efficient and effective management of the financial affairs of the school district to ensure compliance with budgetary and reporting goals imposed by the district and other regulatory agencies. With a $337 million operational budget, the goal of this office is to provide financial reporting that ensures decision makers, both inside and outside of the government, have the financial data they need to make responsible decisions. Please visit our OpenGov page to examine current and prior year history.

Accounts Payable/Purchasing Department

The accounts payable department is responsible for gathering and preauditing all information relating to the payment for goods and services. The Board operates under policies requiring proper requisitioning and encumbering of appropriate accounts. Purchase orders, receiving reports, and vendors’ invoices for all departments and individual schools flow through this office and are processed for payment. This office issues over seven thousand purchase orders a year.

Payroll Department

The payroll department also works with all the departments and individual schools in preparation of the school payroll. This department finalizes payroll for well over 6,000 employees every two weeks and processes more than 7,000 W-2’s and 1099’s each year. All leave and employee earnings records are maintained by the payroll staff. This office also provides verification of employment to banking and other inquiring institutions. Other services performed by this department include bookkeeping assistance for the individual school activity funds and external audits.