District Communications

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The Williamson County Schools Communications Department, led by Communications Director Carol Birdsong, works to support and enhance communication between the schools and school district and the Williamson County community. The department works with the local media which assists in sharing district information, and supports media contacts at each school who provide information about their schools to the local media weekly.

The district uses several tools to communicate with stakeholders. A main communication tool used by the district is our email newsletter, InFocus, produced by Rebecca Arnold, editor. InFocus is produced weekly during the school year and contains important district information, plus features on students, staff and all the good things going on inside Williamson County Schools. Anyone interested in Williamson County Schools is encouraged to sign up to receive InFocus.

Williamson County Schools uses Twitter and Facebook to keep parents, students and community members connected with updates on breaking news, WCS happenings, student achievements and calendar additions. You’ll also find the latest information regarding academic, athletic and fine arts events. Assistant Communications Director Cory Mason oversees the Twitter and Facebook operation. Like us on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter.

The school district website and all school websites are supported by the Communications Department. District Webmaster Connie McVicker manages updates and maintains the district website as well as implements improvements. She also trains, oversees and supports all 44 school webmasters.

Another communication tool used by schools and the school district is the phone notification system. Principals, assistant principals and attendance secretaries use the system to let parents know about important school events and when their child is absent. The district uses the system to notify parents of district events or for school closings and emergencies. Lydia Glynn, communications assistant, trains school staff members to use the system and supports administrators and secretaries when using the system.

Video production is a key element to telling the WCS story, and the Communications Department works closely with and supports high school media production students and teachers. Media Production & Technology Coordinator Stephen Chessor oversees the school district’s video production program.