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A completed written request form for the use of school facilities shall be submitted to the office of the principal at least two weeks prior to, but not more than 45 days prior to, the date of desired use. All forms should be signed by the principal or their designee at the school where the event is to be held.

The Use of School Facilities form must be fully completed, including the name of the group or organization, the address, a daytime phone number, and the signature of the group’s representative. The form may be completed online but must be printed and include the signatures of the representative and the principal. Incomplete forms and forms without a certificate of insurance (for Community Organizations) will delay approval or cause denial of the request.



Community Organizations

  • Requestor must be a resident of Williamson County to use any Williamson County Schools facilities. (Board Policy 3.206, page 1, lines 7 & 8 / Procedures & Guidelines #2)
  • A Certificate of Liability Insurance with current effective dates and Williamson County Schools listed as both ‘CERTIFICATE HOLDER” and “ADDITIONAL INSURED” must accompany the facility use request.