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Michael Fletcher – Safety & Security Director
1320 West Main, Suite 202
Franklin, TN 37064

The Safety and Security Department was established in July, 2013, to work with schools and the district office to improve safety for students, employees and visitors using the all hazards approach by helping to develop, establish and enforce safety and security policies, accident prevention efforts, fire safety, emergency management, asset protection, parking control and traffic enforcement programs.

Through a partnership with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, each of the 41 Williamson County schools has a School Resource Officer, SRO, in the building.

Williamson County Schools also works with Safe Havens International Inc. which provided a comprehensive assessment of the district’s safety, security and emergency management plans in the spring of 2013.

The district has a tip line which citizen may call to report safety and fraud concerns. That number is 615-472-5555. In addition, and in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, citizens are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers with information to aid in investigations. This number is 615-794-4000.