Board of Education Policies & Procedures

School policies are the principles and guidelines adopted by the Williamson County Board of Education in support of our school district’s goals. Board policies create the framework for the superintendent and his staff to help guide their administrative decisions.

Browse and search policies by the name, policy number, or by section in the table below. Sections include:

  • Section 1 (S1): School Board Operations
  • Section 2 (S2): Fiscal Management
  • Section 3 (S3): Support Services
  • Section 4 (S4): Instructional Program
  • Section 5 (S5): Personnel
  • Section 6 (S6): Student

Board Policies, Sections 1-2

Below includes only Sections 1 and 2 of our updated board policies. To view Sections 3-6, please refer to board policies in the section below this list.

1.000 School District Educational PhilosophyS1: School Board Operations
1.100 School Board Legal Status and AuthorityS1: School Board Operations
1.101 Role of the Board of EducationS1: School Board Operations
11001.School Board MembersS1: School Board Operations
1.102 Board Members Legal StatusS1: School Board Operations
1.103 Board EvaluationS1: School Board Operations
1.104 MembershipS1: School Board Operations
1.1041 Board Salary and BenefitsS1: School Board Operations
1.106 Code of EthicsS1: School Board Operations
1.107 School Board NormsS1: School Board Operations
1.108 AssignmentS1: School Board Operations
1.109 Assignment-ClassifiedS1: School Board Operations
1.200 Method of Election of OfficersS1: School Board Operations
1.201 Duties of OfficersS1: School Board Operations
1.202 Duties of Board MembersS1: School Board Operations
1.2021 Code of Ethics for School Board MembersS1: School Board Operations
1.205 Board-Superintendent of Schools RelationsS1: School Board Operations
1.300 Board CommitteesS1: School Board Operations
1.301 Executive CommitteeS1: School Board Operations
1.303 ConsultantsS1: School Board Operations
1.400 School Board Meetings and Work SessionsS1: School Board Operations
1.401 Hearings Before the Board of EducationS1: School Board Operations
1.402 Notification of MeetingsS1: School Board Operations
1.403 AgendasS1: School Board Operations
1.4031 Annual Agenda
S1: School Board Operations
1.404 Appeals to the BoardS1: School Board Operations
1.405 Rules of orderS1: School Board Operations
1.406 MinutesS1: School Board Operations
1.407 School Board RecordsS1: School Board Operations
1.500 Board-Community RelationsS1: School Board Operations
1.501 Visitors to SchoolsS1: School Board Operations
1.502 Board-Media RelationsS1: School Board Operations
1.600 Policy Development and AdoptionS1: School Board Operations
1.601 Standard Operating ProceduresS1: School Board Operations
1.703 School Attendance Areas, Zoning and Nonresident StudentsS1: School Board Operations
1.704 Planning and Zoning AuthoritiesS1: School Board Operations
1.800 School CalendarS1: School Board Operations
1.801 School DayS1: School Board Operations
1.8012 Extended School Day-Year Programs and School Age ChildcareS1: School Board Operations
1.802 Section 504 and ADA Grievance ProceduresS1: School Board Operations
1.803 Tobacco-Free SchoolsS1: School Board Operations
1.805 School System's Electronic MailS1: School Board Operations
1.808 Registered Sex OffendersS1: School Board Operations
2.100 Fiscal Management GoalsS2: Fiscal Management
2.200 Annual Operating BudgetS2: Fiscal Management
2.201 Line Item Transfer AuthorityS2: Fiscal Management
2.202 Fund BalanceS2: Fiscal Management
2.300 State and Federal Aid Eligibility DeterminationS2: Fiscal Management
2.400 RevenuesS2: Fiscal Management
2.401 Gifts and BequestsS2: Fiscal Management
2.402 Investment EarningsS2: Fiscal Management
2.403 Property SalesS2: Fiscal Management
2.404 School Support OrganizationsS2: Fiscal Management
2.500 Deposit of FundsS2: Fiscal Management
2.600 Bonded EmployeesS2: Fiscal Management
2.601 Fundraising ActivitiesS2: Fiscal Management
2.700 Accounting SystemS2: Fiscal Management
2.701 Financial Reports and RecordsS2: Fiscal Management
2.702 InventoriesS2: Fiscal Management
2.704 General Fixed AssetsS2: Fiscal Management
2.800 Expenditure of fundsS2: Fiscal Management
2.801 Petty CashS2: Fiscal Management
2.802 Payroll ProceduresS2: Fiscal Management
2.803 Salary DeductionsS2: Fiscal Management
2.804 Expenses and ReimbursementsS2: Fiscal Management
2.805 PurchasingS2: Fiscal Management
2.807 RequisitionsS2: Fiscal Management
2.808 Purchase Orders and ContractsS2: Fiscal Management
2.809 Vendor RelationsS2: Fiscal Management
2.810 Payment ProceduresS2: Fiscal Management
2.900 Student Activity Funds ManagementS2: Fiscal Management
2.901 New Schools - Sharing of ResourcesS2: Fiscal Management

Board Policies, Sections 3-6

The following list includes only board policies Sections 3, 4, 5 and 6. To view Sections 1 and 2, please refer to the policies in the previous table.

Policy NumberPolicy TitleSection
3.200 Building and Grounds ManagementBuildings and Grounds Management
Buildings and Grounds Management Procedures
S3: Support Services
3.2001Telephone ServiceS3: Support Services
3.201 SafetySafetyS3: Support Services
3.2011 Elementary Playground SafetyElementary Playground SafetyS3: Support Services
3.2014Safety InspectionsS3: Support Services
3.2015Elementary Playground SafetyS3: Support Services
3.2016Energy Management and ConservationS3: Support Services
3.2017Cleaning ProgramS3: Support Services
3.2018SanitationS3: Support Services
3.2019Repairs & AlterationsS3: Support Services
3.202 Emergency Preparedness PlanEmergency Preparedness PlanS3: Support Services
3.205 SecuritySecurityS3: Support Services
3.206Community Use of School Facilities
Community Use of School Facilities Procedures
S3: Support Services
3.208Long-Range PlanningS3: Support Services
3.2081Long-Range Planning InvolvementS3: Support Services
3.2082Long-Range Planning: Need DeterminationS3: Support Services
3.209 Estimating Facility CostsEstimating Facility CostsS3: Support Services
3.210Naming FacilitiesS3: Support Services
3.211 New Project PlanningNew Project PlanningS3: Support Services
3.212ArchitectsS3: Support Services
3.214Project FinancingS3: Support Services
3.2141Bond SalesS3: Support Services
3.215 Board Inspection and Acceptance of New FacilitiesBoard Inspections and Acceptance of New FacilitiesS3: Support Services
3.216 Retirement of FacilitiesRetirement of FacilitiesS3: Support Services
3.3001Employees Issued Cell PhonesS3: Support Services
3.3002Service AnimalsS3: Support Services
3.400School Bus Safety/Student Conduct
Student Transportation Management Procedures
S3: Support Services
3.4001Special Transportation for Exceptional StudentsS3: Support Services
3.4003Commercial Advertising on Williamson County School BusesS3: Support Services
3.401Student Transportation
Scheduling and Routing Procedures
S3: Support Services
3.402 Special Use of School VehiclesStudent Transportation Management
Bus Safety Complaint Form
S3: Support Services
3.500 Food Service ManagementFood Service ManagementS3: Support Services
3.600Insurance ManagementS3: Support Services
3.601Student Insurance ProgramS3: Support Services
3.602Worker's CompensationS3: Support Services
3.603AnnuitiesS3: Support Services
3.604Public Records Request
Public Records Request Form
S3: Support Services
4.000PhilosophyS4: Instructional Program
4.100Instructional GoalsS4: Instructional Program
4.200Curriculum DevelopmentS4: Instructional Program
4.2001Curriculum DesignS4: Instructional Program
4.201Basic ProgramS4: Instructional Program
4.202Special EducationS4: Instructional Program
4.204Summer SchoolS4: Instructional Program
4.205Enrollment in College Level CoursesS4: Instructional Program
4.206Homebound InstructionS4: Instructional Program
4.207English LearnersS4: Instructional Program
4.2091Character EducationS4: Instructional Program
4.2092Drug EducationS4: Instructional Program
4.210 Credit RecoveryCredit Recovery for Courses Taken in High School S4: Instructional Program
4.211Work Based Learning ProgramS4: Instructional Program
4.212Driver EducationS4: Instructional Program
4.213Family Life Education S4: Instructional Program
4.300Extracurricular Activities S4: Instructional Program
4.301Interscholastic AthleticsS4: Instructional Program
4.302Field Trips
Post Secondary Institution Permission Form
S4: Instructional Program
4.400Instructional MaterialsS4: Instructional Program
4.4001School Library Media CentersS4: Instructional Program
4.401Textbook Selection and AdoptionS4: Instructional Program
4.402Selection of Instructional MaterialsS4: Instructional Program
4.403Reconsideration of Instructional Materials & Textbooks Guidelines
Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Request Form
S4: Instructional Program
4.404Use of Copyrighted MaterialsS4: Instructional Program
4.405Employee Developed MaterialsS4: Instructional Program

Student Access to Electronic Media

S4: Instructional Program
4.407School & System WebsitesS4: Instructional Program
4.409 Online Learning Program S4: Instructional Program
4.501School Volunteers
School Volunteer Approval Procedure
S4: Instructional Program
4.502Parent and Family EngagementS4: Instructional Program
4.503Parent Organizations / Booster ClubsS4: Instructional Program
4.600Report Cards and Grading Systems
Grading Systems and Report Cards Administrative Printing Procedures
S4: Instructional Program
4.603 Promotion and RetentionPromotion and RetentionS4: Instructional Program
4.604Credit for Prior Courses S4: Instructional Program
4.6041Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Programs S4: Instructional Program
4.605Graduation RequirementsS4: Instructional Program
4.6051 Credit Requirements for GraduationCredit Requirements for Graduation
Credit Requirements for Graduation Procedures
S4: Instructional Program
4.6052Student SchedulesS4: Instructional Program
4.607Waivers of Rules and RegulationsS4: Instructional Program
4.609 HomeworkHomeworkS4: Instructional Program
4.700Testing ProgramsS4: Instructional Program
4.7001 Semester and Final ExaminationsSemester and Final Examinations
2019-2020 Revised, Effective July 1, 2019
S4: Instructional Program
4.7002Middle School ExaminationsS4: Instructional Program
4.701Maintaining Test Security
TCAP and WCS Assessment Test Security Procedures
S4: Instructional Program
4.8011DissectionS4: Instructional Program
4.802Student Equal AccessS4: Instructional Program
4.804Inclusion of Religious Content In Instruction, Instructional Materials and CurriculumS4: Instructional Program
4.8041Religious Holidays, Display of Religious Symbols and Religion in School-Sponsored ProgramsS4: Instructional Program
4.805Moment of SilenceS4: Instructional Program
4.806Class SizeS4: Instructional Program
5.101 Line and Staff RelationsLine and Staff RelationsS5: Personnel
5.102Classification and QualificationsS5: Personnel
5.1022DutiesS5: Personnel
5.103Job DescriptionsS5: Personnel
5.1031Teacher AssistantsS5: Personnel
5.104Equal Opportunity EmploymentS5: Personnel
5.105 Recruitment of EmployeesRecruitment of EmployeesS5: Personnel
5.106HiringS5: Personnel
5.1061Criminal Background CheckS5: Personnel
5.1062Application and RecommendationS5: Personnel
5.1063Hiring - ClassifiedS5: Personnel
5.1064Discipline Procedures for Classified Personnel
Definitions of Disciplinary Actions
S5: Personnel
5.107 Orientation and ProbationOrientation and ProbationS5: Personnel
5.108SupervisionS5: Personnel
5.1081Promotion - classifiedS5: Personnel
5.109EvaluationS5: Personnel
5.110Compensation Guides and ContractsS5: Personnel
5.1101Differentiated Pay Plan S5: Personnel
5.114Personnel Records S5: Personnel
5.115Assignment / TransferS5: Personnel
5.1151Transfer - ClassifiedS5: Personnel
5.116Reduction in StaffS5: Personnel
5.1161PromotionsS5: Personnel
5.1162Temporary PromotionsS5: Personnel
5.117Non-Tenure and TenureS5: Personnel
5.201Dismissal of EmployeesS5: Personnel
5.204ResignationS5: Personnel
5.205RetirementS5: Personnel
5.301Legal LeaveS5: Personnel
5.302Sick Leave - TeacherS5: Personnel
5.3021Sick Bank - TeacherS5: Personnel
5.3022Sick Leave - ClassifiedS5: Personnel
5.3023Sick Bank - ClassifiedS5: Personnel
5.303Professional / Personal LeaveS5: Personnel
5.3031Conferences and VisitationsS5: Personnel
5.306Military Leave
Procedures for Military Leave
S5: Personnel
5.307Physical Assault on PersonnelS5: Personnel
5.310Vacations and HolidaysS5: Personnel
5.311Death BenefitsS5: Personnel
5.312Bereavement Leave - Classified and CertifiedS5: Personnel
5.4001Communicable DiseasesS5: Personnel
5.403Drug-Free WorkplaceS5: Personnel
5.404Employee Access to Electronic Media
Employee Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Agreement
S5: Personnel
5.500Anti-HarassmentS5: Personnel
5.501Complaints and GrievancesS5: Personnel
5.600Academic FreedomS5: Personnel
5.602Time SchedulesS5: Personnel
5.603Staff MeetingsS5: Personnel
5.6031Extra DutyS5: Personnel
5.604Overtime PayS5: Personnel
5.605Staff Gifts and SolicitationsS5: Personnel
5.606Political Activities by StaffS5: Personnel
5.608Academic, Athletic or Arts-Related Tutoring or Private Instruction for PayS5: Personnel
5.609ConsultingS5: Personnel
5.611Ethical Practices for TeachersS5: Personnel
5.612Ethical Practices for AdministratorsS5: Personnel
5.614Classified Longevity Award PlanS5: Personnel
5.700Interim EmployeesS5: Personnel
5.701 Substitute TeachersSubstitute TeachersS5: Personnel
5.702Colleges and UniversitiesS5: Personnel
5.705Exchange TeachingS5: Personnel
5.706Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) Funded PositionsS5: Personnel
5.800Superintendent of SchoolsS5: Personnel
5.801Superintendent of Schools Recruitment and SelectionS5: Personnel
5.802 Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent of SchoolsSuperintendent of Schools - Qualifications and DutiesS5: Personnel
5.803Organization ChartsS5: Personnel
6.200 AttendanceAttendanceS6: Students
6.201 Compulsory Attendance AgesCompulsory Attendance AgesS6: Students
6.203 School AdmissionsSchool AdmissionsS6: Students
6.2051New Resident StudentsS6: Students
6.2061Transfers and WithdrawalsS6: Students
6.208Dismissal PrecautionsS6: Students
6.209 Child Custody Parental AccessChild Custody Parental AccessS6: Students
6.303Interrogations and SearchesS6: Students
6.3032BullyingS6: Students
6.304Anti-HarassmentS6: Students
6.305Complaints and GrievancesS6: Students
6.306 Interference/Disruption of School ActivitiesInterference/Disruption of School ActivitiesS6: Students
6.3061Student Conduct and DisciplineS6: Students
6.308 Bus Safety and ConductStudent Transportation ManagementS6: Students
6.309Zero Tolerance: Alcohol, Drugs, Assault, and WeaponsS6: Students
6.310Dress CodeS6: Students
6.311Use and Parking of Private Motor Vehicles on School Property by High School StudentsS6: Students
6.314Corporal PunishmentS6: Students
6.315DetentionS6: Students
6.316Student Expulsion/SuspensionS6: Students
6.400 Promoting Student WelfarePromoting Student WelfareS6: Students
6.4001 Student Surveys, Analyses and EvaluationsStudent Surveys, Analyses and EvaluationsS6: Students
6.4003Education Research and Service CentersS6: Students
6.402Physical Examinations and ImmunizationsS6: Students
6.403 Student Communicable DiseasesStudent Communicable DiseasesS6: Students
6.4031Head LiceS6: Students
6.404Infection with the Human Immunodeficiency VirusS6: Students
6.405 MedicinesMedicinesS6: Students
6.4052 Opioid AntagonistOpioid AntagonistS6: Students
6.407Student Aid ProgramsS6: Students
6.408Suicide PreventionS6: Students
6.4081 Safe Relocation of StudentsSafe Relocation of StudentsS6: Students
6.409 Child Abuse and NeglectChild Abuse and NeglectS6: Students
6.410AccidentsS6: Students
6.412 Emergency Allergy Response PlanEmergency Allergy Response Plan
Wellness Policy Assessment Tool
S6: Students
6.413 Prevention and Treatment of Sports-Related ConcussionsPrevention and Treatment of Sports-Related ConcussionsS6: Students
6.413 Prevention and Treatment of Sudden Cardiac ArrestPrevention and Treatment of Sudden Cardiac ArrestS6: Students
6.502Enrollment of Foreign Exchange StudentsS6: Students
6.503 Homeless StudentsHomeless StudentsS6: Students
6.505 Students in Foster CareStudents in Foster CareS6: Students
6.506 Students from Military FamiliesStudents from Military FamiliesS6: Students
6.600Student RecordsS6: Students
6.601 Student Records - Annual Notification of RightsStudent Records - Annual Notification of RightsS6: Students
6.602 Student Records - Inspection and Correction ProceduresStudent Records - Inspection and Correction ProceduresS6: Students
6.603Use of Student Education RecordsS6: Students
6.701Student Solicitations and FundraisingS6: Students
6.702Student OrganizationsS6: Students
6.704Student PublicationsS6: Students
6.707Contest for StudentsS6: Students
6.709Student Fees and FinesS6: Students
6.710GiftsS6: Students