Archived and Closed Project Bids

Closed or archived bid projects from the WCS Purchasing department are provided in the table below. Each Request for Bid (RFB) and Request for Proposal (RFP) contains the project description details, as well as the awarded vendor to the project.

It is the department’s intention to have the most updated information listed. However, it is suggested to contact the Purchasing Department if there are any questions to ensure the information below is the most current updated version. 

Closed Project Bid Titles & DescriptionsAwarded Vendor
Playground Surfacing Replacement
RFB #967 - A

Addendum I
Kor Kat
Maintenance & Repair Service Contract for Indoor / Outdoor Bleachers
RFB #969 - A1

Documents Revised
Bleachers & Seats
Maintenance & Repair of Basketball Goals fixed & Retractable
RFB #969 - B2

Documents Revised
Charron Sports
Franklin High School Theater Renovations
RFB #971

Dowdle Construction
Athletic Track Repairs & Resurfacing
RFB #974

Addendum I
Addendum II
Competition Athletic Surfaces
Roofing Repairs at Sunset Middle & Elementary Schools
RFB #975

Addendum I
Collier Roofing
Partial Roof Replacement of Grassland Middle, Page High and Winstead Elementary
RFB #977

Addendum I
Addendum II
Addendum III
Southern Roofing (GMS & PHS)
Maxwell (Winstead)
Pavement Repairs At CHS, BHS, WGES & LES
RFB #978

Addendum I
Sessions Paving
Food Service Department, Food and Non-Food Bid
RFB #979

Addendum I
Addendum II
Outsourced Custodial Services
RFP #980

Addendum I
Addendum II
Custodial North Zone
GCA Services South Zone
Outsourced Lawn Care Services
RFP #981
Brickman / East Zone
Greenway Lawn Care / Central Zone
Greenvalley Lawn Care / West Zone
Food Service Wall Decals and Finishes
RFP #983
Katom Restaurant Supplier
Milk & Dairy Products
RFB #985

Addendum I
Addendum II
Borden Southern Foods
Musical String Instruments
RFB #987
Nashville Violins / Basses & Cello's
Shuff's Music / Violins & Violas
Revised Portable 2-Way Radio Re-Bid
RFP #988

Comm Tech
Middle Tennessee 2-Way
Nashville Communications
Food Service Ice Cream Products
RFB #989
Dean Foods - Purity Dairies, Nashville, TN
District Maintenance Utility Vehicles
RFB #990
No Response to Bid
Revised Maintenance Utility Vehicles
RFB #990-A
Freeland Chevrolet
Page Middle School - HVAC Boiler Upgrade
RFB #993

Addendum I
Demand Mechanical
Fairview High School Drainage Pond Spillway Project
RFB #995
Lavatory Sinks and Related Plumbing Fixtures
RFB #996
Fergusons Plumbing Supply
Energy Management Services
RFQ #997-A

Addendum I

Addendum II

Addendum III

Addendum IV

Addendum V

Addendum VI

Addendum VII
Trane Corp.
New Nolensville Schools Traffic Signalization
RFB #999
S & W Contractors
Gym Locker Replacement Project at Page Middle School
RFB #1000
Duncan & Thompson Construction
Acid Dilution Tank Pump Out and Disposal
RFB #1001-A
SWS Environmental
Waste Water, Septic Tank and Grease Trap Pump Out, Hauling and Disposal
RFP #1007-A
Music City Septic Company
Williamson County Schools On-Line Surplus Auction of Fairview High School Auto Mechanic Class Equipment
RFB #1008
BHS Custom Built Food Serving Line
RFB #1009
Dykes Restaurant
Food Service Contract Maintenance & Inspections / Minor Repairs
RFB #1010
Advanced Facility Solutions
Cabling project for WCS Communications and Broadcasting Programs
RFB #1011

Addendum I
Not Awarded
Fairview High School Switchgear Replacement
RFB #1012
Reynolds Electric
Roof Replacement - Brentwood Middle School
RFB #1013
Instructional Interactive LCD Flat Panels
RFP #1014


  • Central Technologies, Knox – Boxlight-Brand

  • Camcor – Smart-Brand

  • PCS, Knox – Promethean-Brand

Ceramic Kilns
RFB #1015
Ceramic Technique
Bread and Grain Products
RFB #1016
Bimbo Bakeries
Renovations to Fairview Elementary School
RFB #1017

RFB #1017a
Dowdle Construction
Fairview High School New Auditorium & Auxiliary Gymnasium Renovations
RFB #1020b

RFB #1020b
Sain Construction Co.
Page Middle School - Mezzanine Safety Improvements
RFB #1021

Addendum I
Not Awarded
Page Middle School Auditorium Addition
RFB #1022

Addendum I
Sain Construction Co.
Heritage Middle School Auditorium
RFB #1023

Invitation to Bid 
Addendum I 
Addendum II
Baron Construction
Renovations to Fairview High School
RFB #1024

Invitation to Bid

Addendum I

Addendum II
Baron Construction Company
Thompson's Station Elementary & Middle Schools
RFB #1025
Biscan Construction
Food Service College Grove Serving Line
RFB #1026
Strategic Equipment
Outsourced Substitute Teacher Services

RFP #1028
Addendum I

Addendum II

RFP #1028 A

RFP #1028 B
Paving Repairs at Various WCS Locations
RFB #1029
Four Star Paving Company
SACC Software Management Program
RFP #1030

Addendum I
GT Software Inc.
Food Service Outsourced Electrical
RFB #1031

Addendum I
Lee Company
E-Rate Compliant Procurement
RFB #1032

Addendum I
High School & Middle School Band Instruments and Choral Music Equipment
RFP #1034
Multiple Bidders
Nolensville High School Weight Room Equipment
RFP #1035

Addendum I
Ball Bleachers for Centennial High School
RFB #1037

Addendum I
Romach Construction Company
E-Rate Compliant Procurement
RFP #1039

Proposal Form
Presido Networked Solutions
WCS HVAC Maintenance Projects at Page Middle, College Groove Elem, Scales Elem
RFB #1040

Invitation to Bid
Demand Mechanical
Multimedia Equipment and Installation
RFP #1041

Addendum II
Spring Tree Media
Replacement Caterpillar Diesel Engine
RFB #1042
Cummings International
Wastewater Pump Station Replacement at Walnut Grove Elementary School
RFP #1043

Legal Notice
Underground Pipe & Construction LLC
Utility Vehicles for Various WCS Departments
RFB #1045

Multiple Vendors
Voluntary - Deferred Compensation Plan
RFP #1046

Addendum I 
Addendum II 
Addendum III


  • Lincoln 
  • Horace Mann 

  • RFP #1048, Human Resources Applicant Management and Tracking System
    Food Service Kitchen Equipment
    RFB #1049


    • Strategic Equipment

    • Hotel Restaurant & Supply

    • Dykes Restaurant Supply

    • Mobile Fixtures Inc.

    Replacement Air Compressor and Related Components - WCS Transportation Department
    RFB #1050
    Allied Bearing
    Replacement Cummins Diesel Engine
    RFB #1051

    Addendum I
    Dixie Diesel
    Theater Renovations at Franklin High School
    RFB #1052

    Invitation to Bid

    Notice to Bidders
    Romach Construction
    RFP #1053, Tires and Related Wheel Maintenance
    School Buses Awarded to Moody's Tire & Auto.

    White Utility Fleet Awarded to Gateway Tire & Auto.
    Stage Curtain Replacement
    RFB #1054

    Invitation to Bid 
    Addendum I 
    Addendum II
    Rock City Construction Co
    Request For Qualifications from Commercial Roofing Contractors
    RFQ #1055
    Paint and Related Supplies
    RFB #1056

    Addendum I
    PPG/Porter Paints
    Window Renovations and Replacements
    RFB #1057

    Invitation to Bid 
    Addendum I 
    Addendum II
    Window City
    New School Buses General Ed and Special Ed
    RFB #1058

    Mid South Bus 
    Cumberland International 
    Central States Bus

    Phase II of Page High School Asbestos Abatement and Laboratory Renovations and Replacement
    RFB #1059

    Invitation to Bid
    The award of this project was rejected and declined due to lack of approved funding.
    RFP #1062, Food Service Point of Sale
    Titian School Solutions
    Centennial High Flooring
    RFB #1064
    Becca Commercial Flooring
    Classroom Additions at College Grove Elementary
    RFB #1065
    Barton Malow Construction
    Gymnasium Painting at Brentwood Middle School
    RFB #1066
    M & P Painting Contractors
    Summit High School Athletic Field Lighting
    RFB #1067
    Reynolds Electrical Co.
    RFP #1068, Heritage Schools Waste Water Pump Station Replacement

    Quinn Construction Co.
    RFB #1070, Foundation Repairs at Walnut Grove Elementary School
    Frontier Basement Systems
    RFB #1071, Split Log Area Elementary School
    R. G. Anderson
    RFP #1072, District Copy Paper

    Veritiv Corp 
    American Paper & Twine

    RFB #1073, Fairview Schools Signage Project
    RFB #1074, Vehicles for Maintenance & Facilities
    Landers McLarty Motors
    RFB #1075, Brentwood High School New Entrance, Parking Lot and Traffic Signalization
    Jones Brothers Paving
    RFB #1076, Renovations & Additions to Scales Elementary School

    Fellowship Construction
    RFB #1077, Franklin High School Annex
    Pride Concrete and Construction
    RFB #1078, New General Ed & Special Ed Buses

    Mid South Bus 
    Cumberland International

    RFB #1082, Annual Surplus AuctionMultiple Bidders Archive
    RFB #1086, Cooling Tower Replacement at RHS, WMS & HBES
    Blalock Plumbing
    RFP #1087, Musical String InstrumentsMultiple Vendors on a Line Item Basis
    RFB #1089, Thompson Station K-8 Landscaping
    Sports Turf Solutions
    RFB #1091, Brentwood High School STEM Building Project
    R. G. Anderson
    RFB #1092, Replacement Caterpillar Diesel Engines

    Rush Truck Center
    RFB #1094, Fairview High School Press BoxGilliam Construction
    RFB #1096, Auditorium Renovations at Page HS
    Romach Inc.
    RFB #1099, Athletic Facility Renovations at Franklin HS
    Romach Construction
    RFB #1100, Roof Replacement Portion of Four Schools

    Southern Roofing 
    Total Building Maintenance

    RFB #1102, Food Service Consortium Bid Processed CommoditiesMultiple Vendors
    RFB #1103, Alterations to Woodland Middle SchoolRomach Construction
    RFB #1104, Playground Shade Structure at Independence High SchoolCustom Recreation
    RFP #1105, Gym Floor Refinishing Projects
    Praters, Harpole, Nancy Evans, Corlew & Perry Flooring
    RFP #1107, E-Rate Compliant ProcurementAT&T
    Quick Bid #1108, Crockett Elementary Drainage RepairSessions Paving
    RFB #1112, Page Middle School Three Story Classroom Addition and Related Site Work
    Biscan Construction
    RFB #1114, Jordan Elementary - Split Log Rd. Traffic Signalization
    S & W Electrical
    RFP #1115, Fuel Procurement Program in conjunction with WCG & FSSD
    Tri Star Energy
    RFB #1116, Improvements to Waste Water Treatment Facility at Page Middle School
    Quinn Construction
    RFB #1117, Admin Office Build-Out at Heritage Middle School
    Dowdle Construction
    RFB #1120, Page HS Access Roadway & Stadium Renovations

    Civil Constructors
    RFB #1121, Playground Surface Replacement

    Impact Construction
    RFB #1122, Boiler Replacements at Fairview MS, Grassland MS and Woodland MS

    S & M Lawrence Company
    RFP #1124, Furniture Fixtures and Equipment
    Guy Brown Interiors
    RFP #1126-1127, Sunset and Jordan Surplus Auction
    RFB-1126: Sold to SAF Properties

    RFB 1127: Sold to Tim C. Hill
    RFP #1128, Comprehensive Athletic Apparel & Equipment Program
    Mathews Team Sports
    RFP #1132, Vehicles for Various WCS Departments
    Multiple Vendors:
    Freeland Chevrolet
    Freeland CDJR
    CDJR of Columbia
    RFP #1133, Small Wares

    Mobile Fixtures
    RFP #1136, Heavy Duty Mobile Bus Lifts
    RFB #1138, Articulating Boom Lift

    River City Equipment