Archived and Closed Project Bids

Closed Project Bid Titles & DescriptionsAwarded Vendor
Playground Surfacing Replacement
RFB #967 - A

Addendum I
Kor Kat
Maintenance & Repair Service Contract for Indoor / Outdoor Bleachers
RFB #969 - A1

Documents Revised
Bleachers & Seats
Maintenance & Repair of Basketball Goals fixed & Retractable
RFB #969 - B2

Documents Revised
Charron Sports
Franklin High School Theater Renovations
RFB #971

Dowdle Construction
Athletic Track Repairs & Resurfacing
RFB #974

Addendum I
Addendum II
Competition Athletic Surfaces
Roofing Repairs at Sunset Middle & Elementary Schools
RFB #975

Addendum I
Collier Roofing
Partial Roof Replacement of Grassland Middle, Page High and Winstead Elementary
RFB #977

Addendum I
Addendum II
Addendum III
Southern Roofing (GMS & PHS)
Maxwell (Winstead)
Pavement Repairs At CHS, BHS, WGES & LES
RFB #978

Addendum I
Sessions Paving
Food Service Department, Food and Non-Food Bid
RFB #979

Addendum I
Addendum II
Outsourced Custodial Services
RFP #980

Addendum I
Addendum II
Custodial North Zone
GCA Services South Zone
Outsourced Lawn Care Services
RFP #981
Brickman / East Zone
Greenway Lawn Care / Central Zone
Greenvalley Lawn Care / West Zone
Food Service Wall Decals and Finishes
RFP #983
Katom Restaurant Supplier
Milk & Dairy Products
RFB #985

Addendum I
Addendum II
Borden Southern Foods
Musical String Instruments
RFB #987
Nashville Violins / Basses & Cello's
Shuff's Music / Violins & Violas
Revised Portable 2-Way Radio Re-Bid
RFP #988

Comm Tech
Middle Tennessee 2-Way
Nashville Communications
Food Service Ice Cream Products
RFB #989
Dean Foods - Purity Dairies, Nashville, TN
District Maintenance Utility Vehicles
RFB #990
No Response to Bid
Revised Maintenance Utility Vehicles
RFB #990-A
Freeland Chevrolet
Page Middle School - HVAC Boiler Upgrade
RFB #993

Addendum I
Demand Mechanical
Fairview High School Drainage Pond Spillway Project
RFB #995
Lavatory Sinks and Related Plumbing Fixtures
RFB #996
Fergusons Plumbing Supply
Energy Management Services
RFQ #997-A

Addendum I

Addendum II

Addendum III

Addendum IV

Addendum V

Addendum VI

Addendum VII
Trane Corp.
New Nolensville Schools Traffic Signalization
RFB #999
S & W Contractors
Gym Locker Replacement Project at Page Middle School
RFB #1000
Duncan & Thompson Construction
Acid Dilution Tank Pump Out and Disposal
RFB #1001-A
SWS Environmental
Waste Water, Septic Tank and Grease Trap Pump Out, Hauling and Disposal
RFP #1007-A
Music City Septic Company
Williamson County Schools On-Line Surplus Auction of Fairview High School Auto Mechanic Class Equipment
RFB #1008
BHS Custom Built Food Serving Line
RFB #1009
Dykes Restaurant
Food Service Contract Maintenance & Inspections / Minor Repairs
RFB #1010
Advanced Facility Solutions
Cabling project for WCS Communications and Broadcasting Programs
RFB #1011

Addendum I
Not Awarded
Fairview High School Switchgear Replacement
RFB #1012
Reynolds Electric
Roof Replacement - Brentwood Middle School
RFB #1013
Instructional Interactive LCD Flat Panels
RFP #1014


  • Central Technologies, Knox – Boxlight-Brand

  • Camcor – Smart-Brand

  • PCS, Knox – Promethean-Brand

Ceramic Kilns
RFB #1015
Ceramic Technique
Bread and Grain Products
RFB #1016
Bimbo Bakeries
Renovations to Fairview Elementary School
RFB #1017

RFB #1017a
Dowdle Construction
Fairview High School New Auditorium & Auxiliary Gymnasium Renovations
RFB #1020b

RFB #1020b
Sain Construction Co.
Page Middle School - Mezzanine Safety Improvements
RFB #1021

Addendum I
Not Awarded
Page Middle School Auditorium Addition
RFB #1022

Addendum I
Sain Construction Co.
Heritage Middle School Auditorium
RFB #1023

Invitation to Bid 
Addendum I 
Addendum II
Baron Construction
Renovations to Fairview High School
RFB #1024

Invitation to Bid

Addendum I

Addendum II
Baron Construction Company
Thompson's Station Elementary & Middle Schools
RFB #1025
Biscan Construction
Food Service College Grove Serving Line
RFB #1026
Strategic Equipment
Outsourced Substitute Teacher Services

RFP #1028
Addendum I

Addendum II

RFP #1028 A

RFP #1028 B
Paving Repairs at Various WCS Locations
RFB #1029
Four Star Paving Company
SACC Software Management Program
RFP #1030

Addendum I
GT Software Inc.
Food Service Outsourced Electrical
RFB #1031

Addendum I
Lee Company
E-Rate Compliant Procurement
RFB #1032

Addendum I
High School & Middle School Band Instruments and Choral Music Equipment
RFP #1034
Multiple Bidders
Nolensville High School Weight Room Equipment
RFP #1035

Addendum I
Ball Bleachers for Centennial High School
RFB #1037

Addendum I
Romach Construction Company
E-Rate Compliant Procurement
RFP #1039

Proposal Form
Presido Networked Solutions
WCS HVAC Maintenance Projects at Page Middle, College Groove Elem, Scales Elem
RFB #1040

Invitation to Bid
Demand Mechanical
Multimedia Equipment and Installation
RFP #1041

Addendum II
Spring Tree Media
Replacement Caterpillar Diesel Engine
RFB #1042
Cummings International
Wastewater Pump Station Replacement at Walnut Grove Elementary School
RFP #1043

Legal Notice
Underground Pipe & Construction LLC
Utility Vehicles for Various WCS Departments
RFB #1045

Multiple Vendors
Voluntary - Deferred Compensation Plan
RFP #1046

Addendum I 
Addendum II 
Addendum III


  • Lincoln 
  • Horace Mann 

  • RFP #1048, Human Resources Applicant Management and Tracking System
    Food Service Kitchen Equipment
    RFB #1049


    • Strategic Equipment

    • Hotel Restaurant & Supply

    • Dykes Restaurant Supply

    • Mobile Fixtures Inc.

    Replacement Air Compressor and Related Components - WCS Transportation Department
    RFB #1050
    Allied Bearing
    Replacement Cummins Diesel Engine
    RFB #1051

    Addendum I
    Dixie Diesel
    Theater Renovations at Franklin High School
    RFB #1052

    Invitation to Bid

    Notice to Bidders
    Romach Construction
    RFP #1053, Tires and Related Wheel Maintenance
    School Buses Awarded to Moody's Tire & Auto.

    White Utility Fleet Awarded to Gateway Tire & Auto.
    Stage Curtain Replacement
    RFB #1054

    Invitation to Bid 
    Addendum I 
    Addendum II
    Rock City Construction Co
    Request For Qualifications from Commercial Roofing Contractors
    RFQ #1055
    Paint and Related Supplies
    RFB #1056

    Addendum I
    PPG/Porter Paints
    Window Renovations and Replacements
    RFB #1057

    Invitation to Bid 
    Addendum I 
    Addendum II
    Window City
    New School Buses General Ed and Special Ed
    RFB #1058

    Mid South Bus 
    Cumberland International 
    Central States Bus

    Phase II of Page High School Asbestos Abatement and Laboratory Renovations and Replacement
    RFB #1059

    Invitation to Bid
    The award of this project was rejected and declined due to lack of approved funding.
    RFP #1062, Food Service Point of Sale
    Titian School Solutions
    Centennial High Flooring
    RFB #1064
    Becca Commercial Flooring
    Classroom Additions at College Grove Elementary
    RFB #1065
    Barton Malow Construction
    Gymnasium Painting at Brentwood Middle School
    RFB #1066
    M & P Painting Contractors
    Summit High School Athletic Field Lighting
    RFB #1067
    Reynolds Electrical Co.
    RFP #1068, Heritage Schools Waste Water Pump Station Replacement

    Quinn Construction Co.
    RFB #1070, Foundation Repairs at Walnut Grove Elementary School
    Frontier Basement Systems
    RFB #1071, Split Log Area Elementary School
    R. G. Anderson
    RFP #1072, District Copy Paper

    Veritiv Corp 
    American Paper & Twine

    RFB #1073, Fairview Schools Signage Project
    RFB #1074, Vehicles for Maintenance & Facilities
    Landers McLarty Motors
    RFB #1075, Brentwood High School New Entrance, Parking Lot and Traffic Signalization
    Jones Brothers Paving
    RFB #1076, Renovations & Additions to Scales Elementary School

    Fellowship Construction
    RFB #1077, Franklin High School Annex
    Pride Concrete and Construction
    RFB #1078, New General Ed & Special Ed Buses

    Mid South Bus 
    Cumberland International

    RFB #1082, Annual Surplus AuctionMultiple Bidders Archive
    RFB #1086, Cooling Tower Replacement at RHS, WMS & HBES
    Blalock Plumbing
    RFP #1087, Musical String InstrumentsMultiple Vendors on a Line Item Basis
    RFB #1089, Thompson Station K-8 Landscaping
    Sports Turf Solutions
    RFB #1091, Brentwood High School STEM Building Project
    R. G. Anderson
    RFB #1092, Replacement Caterpillar Diesel Engines

    Rush Truck Center
    RFB #1094, Fairview High School Press BoxGilliam Construction
    RFB #1096, Auditorium Renovations at Page HS
    Romach Inc.
    RFB #1099, Athletic Facility Renovations at Franklin HS
    Romach Construction
    RFB #1100, Roof Replacement Portion of Four Schools

    Southern Roofing 
    Total Building Maintenance

    RFB #1102, Food Service Consortium Bid Processed CommoditiesMultiple Vendors
    RFB #1103, Alterations to Woodland Middle SchoolRomach Construction
    RFB #1104, Playground Shade Structure at Independence High SchoolCustom Recreation
    RFP #1105, Gym Floor Refinishing Projects
    Praters, Harpole, Nancy Evans, Corlew & Perry Flooring
    RFP #1107, E-Rate Compliant ProcurementAT&T
    Quick Bid #1108, Crockett Elementary Drainage RepairSessions Paving
    RFB #1112, Page Middle School Three Story Classroom Addition and Related Site Work
    Biscan Construction
    RFB #1114, Jordan Elementary - Split Log Rd. Traffic Signalization
    S & W Electrical
    RFP #1115, Fuel Procurement Program in conjunction with WCG & FSSD
    Tri Star Energy
    RFB #1116, Improvements to Waste Water Treatment Facility at Page Middle School
    Quinn Construction
    RFB #1117, Admin Office Build-Out at Heritage Middle School
    Dowdle Construction
    RFB #1120, Page HS Access Roadway & Stadium Renovations

    Civil Constructors
    RFB #1121, Playground Surface Replacement

    Impact Construction
    RFB #1122, Boiler Replacements at Fairview MS, Grassland MS and Woodland MS

    S & M Lawrence Company
    RFP #1124, Furniture Fixtures and Equipment
    Guy Brown Interiors
    RFP #1126-1127, Sunset and Jordan Surplus Auction
    RFB-1126: Sold to SAF Properties

    RFB 1127: Sold to Tim C. Hill
    RFP #1128, Comprehensive Athletic Apparel & Equipment Program
    Mathews Team Sports
    RFP #1132, Vehicles for Various WCS Departments
    Multiple Vendors:
    Freeland Chevrolet
    Freeland CDJR
    CDJR of Columbia
    RFP #1133, Small Wares

    Mobile Fixtures
    RFP #1136, Heavy Duty Mobile Bus Lifts
    RFB #1138, Articulating Boom Lift

    River City Equipment