Meal Restrictions Request

To request meal restrictions on your child’s account, complete and submit the form below. We will do our best to honor this request.

Please note, these restrictions may take up to two weeks to be entered on your child’s account.

Meal Restrictions Request
Lunch Account Restrictions
  • Using the box below, please type what restriction you would like placed on your child's account.
  • Please be specific. Example: "ice cream only on Fridays". Please do not say "once a week", there is no way for the cashiers to track how many times the child might purchase a particular item.
  • This restriction will remain on their account until you ask for it to be removed.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Because of the fact that each school has several serving lines and the students are allowed to make multiple trips to these serving lines, we will do our best to honor these restrictions but cannot guarantee that they will be met at all times. Please remember it is still up to the child to make sure that they are following the parent's instructions.