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Keeping Students Healthy

Williamson County Schools nurses coordinate and oversee the school health clinics in each of the schools, perform licensed nurse procedures and conduct annual or as-needed health screenings. Nurses are available to consult with parents or guardians regarding health issues that impact student performance and attendance at school.

Nurses prioritize their day according to types of medical issues that students have within the individual schools assigned to them. Students requiring licensed nurse procedures and students with emergency and/or individualized healthcare plans are the nurses’ top priorities.

If students have medical needs requiring accommodations for them to be able to participate in their education in a school setting, or needs for individualized healthcare plans, the school nurse will work with the student’s parent or guardian and healthcare provider as needed to develop the plans and/or accommodations needed to ensure that the student’s safety and well-being will be maintained in the school setting.

Tennessee Coordinated School Health connects physical, emotional and social health with education through eight interrelated components.

  1. Health Education
  2. Health Services
  3. Nutrition
  4. Physical Education
  5. Healthy School Environments
  6. School Counseling, Psychological and Social Services
  7. Student, Family and Community Involvement
  8. School Staff Wellness

This coordinated approach improves students’ health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, communities and schools working together. Coordinated School Health works with many partners to address school health priorities. Visit the Tennessee Department of Education’s Coordinated School Health page for more information.

SchoolNursePhone Number
Allendale ElementaryAlissa Rosenau(615) 472-5135
Bethesda ElementaryMaureen Bond(615) 472-4208
Brentwood HighMargie Doyle(615) 472-4233
Susan Schwartz(615) 472-4233
Brentwood MiddleKristin Whittemore(615) 472-4269
Centennial HighCindy Evans(615) 472-4288
Chapman's Retreat ElementaryGloria Pajic(615) 472-4316
Clovercroft ElementaryStacy Irby(615) 472-5176
College Grove ElementaryTonya Rider(615) 472-4325
Crockett ElementaryBarbie Thompson(615) 472-4358
Edmondson ElementaryJennifer Ethridge(615) 472-4365
Fairview ElementaryLeslie Hammon(615) 472-4395
Fairview HighTerri Lavender(615) 472-4418
Fairview MiddleCaryl Avena(615) 472-4440
Franklin HighRachel Day(615) 472-5017
Ashley Filippo-Deguire(615) 472-5017
Grassland ElementarySarah Sanders(615) 472-4488
Grassland MiddlePeggy Sutton(615) 472-4516
Heritage ElementaryTerri Queitsch(615) 472-4528
Heritage MiddleJennifer Breeding(615) 472-5290
Hillsboro Elementary/MiddleAmanda Peacock(615) 472-4575
Hunters Bend ElementaryRuthie Mulliniks(615) 472-4587
Independence HighShannon Cannon(615) 472-4611
Patti Twaddle(615) 472-4611
Jordan ElementaryJoy Thomas(615) 472-5275
Kenrose ElementaryKatharine Lovelady(615) 472-4638
Lipscomb ElementaryAmy Dansereau(615) 472-4656
Longview ElementaryLynn Reed(615) 472-5067
Mill Creek ElementaryBrandi Holden(615) 472-5238
Mill Creek MiddleAngela Salveson(615) 472-5263
Nolensville ElementaryCharity Gray(615) 472-4694
Nolensville HighLestina Drennan(615) 472-5209
Oak View ElementaryHollie Ingram(615) 472-4714
Page HighKarri Tomlin(615) 472-4759
Page MiddleKatie Pancake(615) 472-4765
Pearre Creek ElementaryHeather Hughes(615) 472-5155
Ravenwood HighKaren Kempel(615) 472-4820
Scales ElementaryMandi Thompson(615) 472-4838
Spring Station MiddleJoy Evenson(615) 472-5088
Summit HighMolly Griggs(615) 472-5111
Sunset ElementaryRobin Billings(615) 472-5032
Sunset MiddleTerri Rappé(615) 472-5057
Thompson's Station ElementaryMindi Pretzsch(615) 472-5338
Thompson's Station MiddleErin Cofer(615) 472-5365
Trinity ElementaryRenee Ives(615) 472-4857
Walnut Grove ElementaryStacy Hensley(615) 472-4876
Westwood ElementaryMonica Willow(615) 472-4899
Winstead ElementaryCatherine Baugh(615) 472-4925
Cynthia Boykin(615) 472-4925
Woodland MiddleTerry Weingartner(615) 472-4940

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