The Vision of the ALC

The Alternative Learning Center (ALC) of Williamson County Schools exists to provide an authentic learning experience and promote restoration and responsibility to the students we serve in our community.

Our Program

The ALC provides an experience for our students that focuses on them as individuals and gives them the tools to have the ownership and wisdom to forge a new path for themselves. All of our students are with us because they made a choice, or series of choices, and are in need of some level of support. The ALC provides community, opportunities, and activities for students to become more self-aware and learn to manage their behaviors and decision making in a structured format.

Four Anchors of the ALC

  1. Top Academic Experience:
    Personalized Learning by highly qualified teachers
  2. Comprehensive Human Development:
    A restorative, whole child approach to education
  3. Built to Last:
    Managing Change and growth
  4. Thrive in a Diverse World:
    Finding your place and your importance in community as a leader

All ALC students must make adequate behavior progress in order to be considered for early release back to school. Our team believes this will not only help students shorten their stay at the ALC but, more importantly, allow them to self-reflect, grow, and reintegrate back into their home schools, ready to learn and participate as active community members and leaders.

ALC teachers follow the Williamson County Schools’ Scope and Sequence. All standard level tested subjects are explicitly taught by our teachers including middle school core classes, English I-IV, Biology, Chemistry, US History, Economics, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Spanish I, and Spanish II. All other classes are facilitated and tutored by the ALC staff.

Teachers of record will send work via the Google Classroom. Teachers of record will receive grade updates from ALC teachers at the grade reporting periods and upon students return to school. All textbooks should be brought to the ALC by the student/family on the student’s first day. If students are not making adequate academic progress, serving school administrators, teachers of record, and families will be notified. Semester and final exams are sent to ALC by school of record.

The ALC uses the Restorative Practices framework to manage student behavior in all areas of the school. The purpose of Restorative Practices is to teach students to build community, learn personal competencies, manage conflict, and repair harm. All ALC staff has been trained thoroughly in the Restorative Practices framework. While the ALC still has clear structures and high expectations, the staff intentionally builds relationships with students to model and encourage growth and success.

To achieve these restorative purposes, the staff will utilize such daily interventions as morning meetings, academic advisories, restorative circles, restorative conferencing, and impromptu conferences to guide and teach students towards personal success and leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

School hours are 7:50 AM until 3:00 PM.  The ALC follows the WCS calendar. After school programming is provided by YCAP, free to parents, and the hours are 3:00-6:00 PM.

The ALC does not provide transportation. Students with IEP/504 plans may qualify for district bus transportation (must be determined prior to ALC placement at IEP team meeting). Qualified students are allowed to drive with written parent permission.

Students have two options for lunch each day:

  • Student can bring lunch daily in a clear, zip lock bag.
  • Students will be able to order a boxed lunch upon arrival at the ALC each day.
  • Khaki tan pants, worn at the waist
  • Solid navy polo style shirt tucked in
  • Black or brown belt, plain buckle
  • Closed-toed, lace up white/brown/black/gray solid colored shoes
  • Hair worn in a professional manner, cut short or pulled back from the student’s face
  • Long sleeved, solid white undershirt or thermal shirt for warmth, as needed

The WCS ALC does not participate in the WCS BYOT initiative. No electronics from home, including phones, are allowed at any time. School computers are provided for all students. All materials are provided to students except for textbooks. Parents will receive a suggested donated materials list at orientation.

No. All students who attend the ALC are restricted from all WCS or FSSD extra-curricular school based activities for the duration of their suspension. Academic services may be provided at principal discretion.

Students and parents must attend an orientation meeting held on Tuesday or Thursday of each week at 9:00 AM. Students must come in dress code on the first day with all books and necessary materials.

Staff Directory

Contact the Alternative Learning Center personnel if you need help with information.

NameDepartmentJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Samantha CastroAlternative Learning Center
STARS Counselor
Rebecca CookseyAlternative Learning Center
Spanish & Electives Teacher
Connie FrancisAlternative Learning Center
English Teacher
Christian GarveyAlternative Learning Center
Administrative Assistant
Sherri HeilemanAlternative Learning Center
Student Support Grades 10-12
Josiah HollandAlternative Learning Center
Margaret JanesAlternative Learning Center
Student Support Grades 7-9
Stefanie JonesAlternative Learning Center
Administrative Assistant
David JunkinsAlternative Learning Center
Science Teacher
Jo NolaAlternative Learning Center
Math Teacher
Kara PorterAlternative Learning Center
Assistant Principal
Dawn SchwartzAlternative Learning Center
History Teacher