Readying Students in All Areas

The mission of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment (TLA) Department is to support students, families, teachers and administrators in their efforts to ensure every WCS graduate is equipped with the skills, knowledge, and habits to be successful in higher education or today’s workplace.

We work at the classroom, school and systemic levels to support the district’s vision of becoming nationally recognized for students who excel in academics, the arts and athletics.

Our work includes six areas that are essential to the District’s success:

Curriculum specialists in all subject areas work with educators across the district to develop and refine scope and sequences that ensure student opportunities to master critical content. They guide teachers and administrators in the selection of the best curricular materials available, and they lead the ongoing analysis and evaluation of those materials.

Curriculum specialists provide educators with guidance and coaching in research-proven instructional strategies. They work side-by-side with teachers and administrators to increase classroom effectiveness.

Williamson County Schools is committed to using both formative and summative data to drive instructional planning, guide the deployment of resources, and inform all improvement efforts.

Teachers, administrators, and classified employees have access to high quality research-supported professional development through the District.

Professional development is tracked carefully through an online management system to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to expand knowledge, learn new skills, or fine-tune practice.

Instructional Technology supports the development and implementation of best practices for learning and technology use by students, teachers, administrators, and WCS families.

Williamson County Schools provides English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for students who qualify as an English Language Learner (ELL).