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Educational researchers agree that a “guaranteed and viable curriculum” is closely associated with strong student achievement. In WCS, all schools share a scope and sequence for each grade level and course. Simply put, the scope describes what students will learn—the content and skills to be taught in the classroom. The sequence describes the order in which skills and content should be taught, ensuring that students are able to build continually on prior knowledge and build deep understanding. The WCS Scope and Sequence includes Tennessee’s academic standards, student-friendly “I can” statements that describe competencies, and resources available to teachers, students, and parents.

WCS Scope & Sequence documents for all grade levels and subjects are listed below. Locating a specific document can be done by viewing the list below and selecting the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom, using the Search field at the top of the table that will begin filtering results as you begin typing a word, as well as sorting the table by columns. There is a tab for Elementary Scope & Sequence documents and a tab for Secondary (Middle and High School) Scope & Sequence documents.

Scope & SequencesSchool LevelGradeSubject
Fifth Grade, ELAElementary SchoolFifthELA
Fourth Grade, ELAElementary SchoolFourthELA
Third Grade, ELAElementary SchoolThirdELA
Second Grade, ELAElementary SchoolSecondELA
First Grade, ELAElementary SchoolFirstELA
Kindergarten, ELAElementary SchoolKindergartenELA
Fifth Grade, MathematicsElementary SchoolFifthMathematics
Fourth Grade, MathematicsElementary SchoolFourthMathematics
Third Grade, MathematicsElementary SchoolThirdMathematics
Second Grade, MathematicsElementary SchoolSecondMathematics
First Grade, MathematicsElementary SchoolFirstMathematics
Kindergarten, MathematicsElementary SchoolKindergartenMathematics
Fifth Grade, ScienceElementary SchoolFifthScience
Fourth Grade, ScienceElementary SchoolFourthScience
Third Grade, ScienceElementary SchoolThirdScience
Second Grade, ScienceElementary SchoolSecondScience
First Grade, ScienceElementary SchoolFirstScience
Kindergarten, ScienceElementary SchoolKindergartenScience
Fifth Grade, Social StudiesElementary SchoolFifthSocial Studies
Fourth Grade, Social StudiesElementary SchoolFourthSocial Studies
Third Grade, Social StudiesElementary SchoolThirdSocial Studies
Second Grade, Social StudiesElementary SchoolSecondSocial Studies
First Grade, Social StudiesElementary SchoolFirstSocial Studies
Kindergarten, Social StudiesElementary SchoolKindergartenSocial Studies
Scope & SequencesSchool LevelGradeSubject
Eighth Grade, ELAMiddle SchoolEighthELA
Seventh Grade, ELAMiddle SchoolSeventhELA
Sixth Grade, ELAMiddle SchoolSixthELA
English I, ELAHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthELA
English II, ELAHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthELA
English III, ELAHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthELA
English IV, ELAHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthELA
Eighth Grade, MathematicsMiddle SchoolEighthMathematics
Seventh Grade, MathematicsMiddle SchoolSeventhMathematics
Sixth Grade, MathematicsMiddle SchoolSixthMathematics
HS, Algebra IHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthMathematics
HS, Algebra IIHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthMathematics
HS, Applied Mathematical ConceptsHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthMathematics
HS, Bridge MathHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthMathematics
HS, CalculusHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthMathematics
HS, GeometryHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthMathematics
HS, PrecalculusHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthMathematics
HS, StatisticsHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthMathematics
Eighth Grade, ScienceMiddle SchoolEighth GradeScience
Seventh Grade, ScienceMiddle SchoolSeventh GradeScience
Sixth Grade, ScienceMiddle SchoolSixth GradeScience
HS, AstronomyHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthScience
HS, BiologyHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthScience
HS, ChemistryHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthScience
HS, EcologyHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthScience
HS, Human Anatomy & PhysiologyHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthScience
HS, Physical ScienceHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthScience
HS, PhysicsHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthScience
Eighth Grade, Social StudiesMiddle SchoolEighth GradeSocial Studies
Seventh Grade, Social StudiesMiddle SchoolSeventh GradeSocial Studies
Sixth Grade, Social StudiesMiddle SchoolSixth GradeSocial Studies
HS, EconomicsHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthSocial Studies
HS, PsychologyHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthSocial Studies
HS, United States GovernmentHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthSocial Studies
HS, United States History and GeographyHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthSocial Studies
HS, World HistoryHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthSocial Studies
HS, Personal FinanceHigh SchoolNinth - TwelfthSocial Studies
MS, Spanish 8BMiddle SchoolEighth GradeWorld Languages
MS, Spanish 7AMiddle SchoolSeventh GradeWorld Languages
HS, Classical Languages, Latin, Level 1High SchoolNinth - TwelfthWorld Languages
HS, Classical Languages, Latin, Level 2High SchoolNinth - TwelfthWorld Languages
HS, Classical Languages, Latin, Level 3High SchoolNinth - TwelfthWorld Languages
HS, French, Level 4High SchoolNinth - TwelfthWorld Languages
HS, Modern Languages, Level 1High SchoolNinth - TwelfthWorld Languages
HS, Modern Languages, Level 2High SchoolNinth - TwelfthWorld Languages
HS, Modern Languages, Level 3High SchoolNinth - TwelfthWorld Languages