• The Counseling Department

  • The Counseling Department at Brentwood Middle School supports the academic and personal development of all students. Counselors also help to coordinate programs such as orientation for new students and a Career Fair. They aid with the transition to high school, provide academic support, assist with school, county and state testing. Middle school is an exciting time of growth and change and the counseling department can help parents and students adjust to the transitions that take place during those years.  Please feel free to contact them for any questions or concerns. Their contact information is available by selecting their picture.

  • Vision Statement

  • To develop responsible students by ensuring every student acquires the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed in their academic, career, and social development.

  • Counseling Staff

  • STARS Enhanced Student Assistance Program 

  • The STARS Enhanced School Assistance Program (ESAP) is an in-school mental health treatment program. Our model is person-centered and based on evidence-based therapeutic practices that are responsive to the particular needs of the students. Through ESAP, students in different grades are able to access confidential mental health services on-site in their own school environment, during school hours.

  • STARS (Students Taking a Right Stand)

  • The STARS (Students Taking a Right Stand) program provides prevention education and intervention services (individual, group, and crisis counseling) for students. Some of the areas addressed are bullying, substance abuse, violence, and social and emotional issues. The STARS counselor is available to students on a daily basis. Please feel free to reach out through email any needs you may have or questions regarding services that the STARS Counselor can provide.

    Brentwood Middle STARS Leadership Team (SLT)

    Who is the SLT?

    The STARS Leadership Team is a group made up of students in grades 6th-8th who desire to make Brentwood Middle School a better place. STARS leaders are committed to the health, wellness, and safety of the students at the school. These students will serve as role models as they plan and implement STARS activities related to mental health and awareness throughout the school and community.


    In keeping with the STARS mission statement, team members must be drug, alcohol and tobacco free.

    • They must be a positive role model for their peers, and display respect and empathy for others.
    • They must attain and maintain a passing grade in all subjects.
    • They must attend meetings or notify STARS Counselor of non-attendance.
    • They must have a desire to create a safe and supportive environment.

    What activities is STARS and the SLT involved in?

    STARS leaders will create awareness campaigns, wellness activities, and prevention initiatives each month to help promote the well-being of all students within the community. STARS leaders will collaborate on and participate in various charity projects and events. Some charity projects that students will participate in may range from Red Ribbon Week to Self Esteem Building to Anti-Bullying, while charity events may include food or clothing drives, toy collections, etc.

    How do you join and when do we meet?

    • Students are nominated by their teachers because they have demonstrated the characteristics of a leader.
    • If a student is interested in joining and was not nominated by a teacher, they are more than welcome to come speak with me and share why they would like to be involved; everyone who feels passionately towards making the school a better place is welcome.
    • We will meet every other week on Late Start Days from 7:35 AM - 8:25 AM. The official start date and classroom location will be sent out to those who complete the sign-up process.
    • If you have a student who is interested or who you would like to nominate, please email me, BMS STARS Counselor Deanna Harry .
  • Available Services from the Counseling Department

  • The school counseling program at Brentwood Middle School is a comprehensive developmental program that supports the school’s mission to prepare students to be lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

    In our proactive approach to meeting state school counseling and career guidance standards, we implement a classroom guidance curriculum, coordinate testing, and lead school-wide character education and anti-bullying efforts. The counselors are available to consult with parents and teachers to find ways to enhance student success. We frequently make referrals to the school social worker to help parents get connected to resources in the community. We also provide the responsive services listed below.

  • Individual Counseling

  • New Student Orientation

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)

  • 504 Plan Eligibility

  • School Psychological Services