Nolensville High School Course of Study

  • Three pencils on a white background. Courses offered at NHS may require a sufficient number of student registrants in order to be offered during the year. If there is not sufficient interest in a particular course, it may not be provided during the upcoming year. To register for Honors and AP classes, students need the recommendation of their current-year teachers. The registration process for the upcoming school year begins in the second semester of the current year.

    Course Levels

    Courses are offered at the following levels at Nolensville High School:

    Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

    These courses are designed to prepare a student to earn college credit through the successful completion of the AP Test in a particular subject area.

    Honors Courses

    These courses extend the state-mandated curriculum by adding additional honors-level standards to the course scope and sequence

    College Preparatory Course

    All courses are considered college preparatory unless specifically labeled otherwise. At NHS, we expect our standard-level courses to demand rigorous work from students.

    Resource Courses

    These courses are open only to students who have been approved and placed in the course through their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

    Course Offerings

    The following documents show the available courses by grade level and a summary of the elective focus options. 

    For course descriptions, see the WCS Program Planning Guide