Media Center & Technology Resources

  • The Ravenwood High School Media Center collection includes a diverse selection of over 16,000 fiction and nonfiction books, reference works, magazines, newspapers, and online resources as well as audio-visual materials and equipment. Additionally, the Media Center offers students and teachers resources that can be accessed from any internet-connected computer or device, including one from home. With seating for about 130, we offer 30 laptop computers and 12 desktop computers with connected printers for student use in the library with an additional 750 laptops which are used in teacher classrooms throughout the school.

Tiffany Tucker, media specialist
  • Mission & Strategies

    The Media Center is committed to the learning community at Ravenwood High School. We promote and support the instructional program by encouraging students, faculty, and staff to become effective users of information and technology and life-long readers and by providing a friendly environment for learning, research, collaboration, and quiet study.

    • Select and organize materials for research projects
    • Assist students in finding appropriate materials
    • Provide multi-media resources and assistance for students and teachers
    • Train students and staff in information literacy skills, technology skills
    • Create displays and programs to encourage student reading
    • Maintain the library’s print, electronic and multimedia collection
    • Develop the library’s collection to represent current and authoritative information
    • Collaborate with teachers to plan and implement lessons, incorporating technology whenever possible
    • Choose quality, appropriate and contemporary materials for pleasure reading
  • Media Center Policies

    • Students must have their own barcode to enter the library. There is a barcode on the Agenda and/or Student ID Card.
    • Students must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy form on file in order to use a computer or the internet.
    • From Study Hall: students should have their teacher sign their agenda and use that student planner/agenda/ID card to enter library.
    • From Study Hall: Students should plan to stay in the library all period! Bring all study materials to library before arriving.
    • From Class: Bring everything you need with you from class or your locker. Sign in and complete the work your teacher sent you to do. Sign out of the library and return directly to class.
    • Students may only enter/exit the library through the front entrance.
    • Students in the library will follow verbal instructions from library staff in case of emergency.
    • Students may not have food or drink in the library. Plain water in sealed bottle is acceptable.
    • Students should have a specific academic purpose—homework, reading, projects, etc.—for using the media center.
    • Students should show courtesy to other students and staff in the library media center.
    • Students should stay quiet while working in the library.
    • Students who have partner or group work to complete must ask permission and fill out a form for access to the group study rooms.
  • Media Center Resources

    Below is a list of some of our popular and helpful resources for students.

    • Destiny Library Resources
    • TEL – Tennessee Electronic Library
    • Purdue OWL – MLA help
    • Teen Resources at John P. Holt Brentwood Library