• Media Center

  • The library media center has approximately 12,000 fiction and nonfiction books, audio books, professional books, journals, and reference materials for our students and staff. Educational technology and professional materials are also available for faculty and staff. The library media center operates on a flexible schedule. This means that we maintain a schedule for teachers to sign up and bring his/her classes for book checkout or research at the teacher’s point of need. Students are able to come to the Library Media Center throughout the day as they need.

  • Mission and Strategies

  • The goal of the Brentwood Middle Library Media Center is to provide resources, access to resources, and recreational reading materials to enable our students to become both information literate and lifelong readers. The library media center staff strives to create a helpful and inviting atmosphere.

    • Select and organize materials for research projects
    • Aid students in finding appropriate materials
    • Train students and staff in information literacy skills
    • Maintain the library’s print, electronic and media collections
    • Collaborate with teachers to plan and implement lessons
    • Assist students with technology
  • Media Center Policies

    • The library is open from 7:35 AM – 3:15 PM. 
    • During class, students need a signed agenda to come to the library.
    • During Focus, students will be allowed to use computers if they show a library staff member their signed agenda.
    • Books are checked out for 15 days.
    • Students cannot check out any materials if they have overdue items.
    • Lost materials must be replaced with a library bound copy or paid for.
  • Librarian

Library shelves
Library Display Table
  • Information Literacy Programs 

  • These information literacy lessons are taught by the librarian.

    • Book Talk/Book Pass – Introduces new books and introduces unfamiliar topics by scanning books on the topic. Good lesson for picking topics before beginning research.
    • Book Genres – Identifies and explains book genres using library books.
    • Reference Materials – Teaches students to recognize which reference books to use for information and how to use specialized reference materials.
    • Information Evaluation – Teaches students how to evaluate websites and how to choose the best resource for an assignment.
    • Plagiarism -Defines plagiarism and explains the school policies regarding plagiarism and cheating.
    • Tennessee Electronic Library – Lessons explain how to use this tool to search for information and how to locate lesson plans for teachers.
    • Works Cited – Explains the MLA guidelines for crediting sources and demonstrates how to create these citations in the correct format.

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