• Page High School Course Listing

    Courses listed below may require a sufficient number of student registrants in order to be offered during the year.  If there is not sufficient interest in a particular course, it may not be provided during the upcoming year.  Many of the classes have recommendations that are listed prior to the course description.

    At the bottom of the page, you can find Academic Summer information for AP, Capstone, and English Summer Reading.  


  • Courses are offered at the following levels at Page High School:

    1. Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: designed to prepare a student to earn college credit through the successful completion of the A.P. Test in that subject area.
    2. Honors: a challenging pace designed for the student who has displayed a record of academic success.  Students enrolled in Honors courses must complete the Honors Portfolio in order receive Honors credit (this is required by the State of Tennessee).
    3. College Preparatory: all courses are considered college preparatory unless specifically labeled otherwise.
    4. Resource: open only to students who have been placed in the course by IEP-team approval.
  • Agribusiness

  • AP Capstone

  • Digital Arts & Design

  • English

  • Fine Arts

  • Health Science | Diagnostic Services

  • Health Science | Emergency Services

  • Health Sciences | Nursing Services

  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship

  • Mathematics

  • Military Science

  • Physical Education

  • Project Lead the Way (Honors)

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • STEM: Engineering by Design

  • TV Film Production | AV Production

  • Veterinary & Animal Science

  • World Language

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • MTSU Dual Enrollment at PHS

  • UT Martin Dual Enrollment

Patriot Summer Academic Information

Various author's names and book titles painted in a mural style on a classroom wall.