• One of the main goals of the PTO in the new school year is to foster a true sense of unity and belonging in the Longview community: not only within the walls of the school itself but also within the larger community of Spring Hill. By fostering this sense of community, a genuine feeling of school pride will develop! To further encourage everyone working together, the PTO will work to ensure the most effective communication possible, seeking input and providing information for upcoming activities, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. In this way, everyone can feel included and can fulfill their role as an integral part of the Longview community. We are very excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to working with each of you! 

    Check out the Longview Elementary PTO website!

  • 2022-2023 Executive Board

    Co-President: Nicole Keswani

    Co-President: Allyson Small

    VP of Events: Tyler Wheeler

    VP of Volunteers: Danielle Freeman

    VP of Marketing: Erinn Harwell

    VP of Support Staff: Emily Corey

    Membership Secretary: Mandy Hopkins

    Recording Secretary: Amy Martin

    Treasurer: Alison Mitchell

Three female PTO volunteers at a Back to School Night
  • What We Do:

    Below is a list of many things the PTO does for Longview. 

    • Teacher Appreciation
    • Classroom Supplies/Instructional Materials 
    • Literacy (summer library hours, classroom libraries) 
    • Community-Building (PTO events) 
    • School Store (PBIS program supplies) 
    • Related Arts (Art, Music and Physical Education programs) 
    • Recreation (playground improvements) 
    • School Beautification