• Mill Creek Elementary Counseling Services

  • Mill Creek Elementary School offers a wide variety of counseling services that follow the American School Counseling Association's national model. Our framework consists of the following four components: define, manage, deliver, and assess.

    • Define

    Your MCES School Counselors follow both student and professional standards that support the development and implementation of our program.

    • Manage

    We focus our helping role through both a vision and mission statement. These beliefs were created by a team of WCS Elementary School Counselors as follows:

    Vision: The vision of the WCS Elementary School Counselors is to support the talent and character development of all students as they excel in academics, the arts, and athletics by shaping the climate of the school and the greater community.

    Mission: WCS Elementary School Counselors will achieve its vision by providing exemplary programming which maximizes student development in the areas of academic, career, and personal/social growth.

    • Deliver

    Your MCES School Counselors will deliver both direct and indirect services through our school counseling curriculum instruction, consultation, collaboration, and counseling services.

    • Assess

    With the support of our Advisory Council, we strive to assess both our effectiveness and the contributions we make to all our student’s development throughout their elementary school years.

  • Stop and Think

    A Fairview Elementary school counselor is encouraging her students to stop and think, and the district is encouraging others to embrace the concept as well.

Mrs. Finch and Mr. Pepperman
School Counselors are Ryan Pepperman, Deb Finch and Callie Hughes (.5)
School Counselors Ryan Pepperman, Deb Finch and Callie Hughes