Parent Teacher Organization

  • Mill Creek Elementary School PTO is a nonprofit parent/teacher organization whose membership includes all parents, legal guardians, and staff of Mill Creek Elementary School. The PTO’s mission is to promote partnerships, open communication, and understanding between parents and the staff of Mill Creek Elementary School. Our efforts serve to enhance the education of every child.

    We have many exciting events, opportunities, and projects in the plan for this year, so please sign up to receive alerts and consider joining our PTO membership organization to become an influential part in creating an enriching learning environment full of every opportunity for success for our children and staff.

    As an organization formed to support the advancement of staff and students alike, we believe that by investing into your child and the community’s youth, you are in turn investing back into the growth and betterment of Nolensville as a whole. The first years of education are greatly impacting upon a student’s success throughout their academic career. Exposing them to every tool, equipping teachers with all possible means to impact their educational experience and fostering an innate curiosity for learning will lay the foundation for a thirst for knowledge while empowering teachers to utilize the latest technologies in learning. All boats rise when we pour into the same ocean.

PTO Board

  • MCES PTO Website

    Visit the MCES PTO Website to find information on membership, spirit wear, special events and more.