• Our Strategic Planning Process

    In December 2022 Williamson County Schools launched the planning process to develop its next five-year strategic plan. The district formed a small planning committee consisting of district leaders and a board member representative. The planning committee ultimately selected Lipscomb University to provide facilitation support throughout the planning process. Between January and March 2023, 18 feedback and input sessions were held with a variety of stakeholder groups to gather feedback on the priorities of the new strategic plan. A Strategic Plan Steering Committee, composed of individuals representing a range of stakeholder groups, was formed to analyze the community feedback, create a draft of the strategic plan, and advise the leadership on the plan priorities. The 2023-2028 Strategic Plan was adopted by the School Board on June 19, 2023.

  • Our Strategic Commitments

    Our strategic commitments are the backbone of our strategic plan. These commitments guide and shape how the district will invest its time, expertise, and financial resources to be successful at reaching our goals.

Strategic Commitment #1: Preparing Students for Life After WCS

  • Strategic Commitment #1: Preparing Students for Life After WCS

    Williamson County Schools will ensure that all students have the academic preparation and skills necessary for postsecondary success. WCS will provide students with learning experiences that help them explore and select from multiple pathways. WCS recognizes that this preparation begins in elementary school and continues through high school.


    • Increase in the percentage of students meeting college-ready benchmarks on the ACT.
    • Increase in the percentage of students reaching the Ready Graduate benchmark (ACT, EPSO, ASVAB).
    • Increase in the percentage of students participating in at least one extracurricular activity in athletics, arts, or academics.


    1. Increase the percentage of students meeting and exceeding state expectations on state end of year assessments.

    2. Increase opportunities for student participation in extracurricular activities at all grade levels.

    3. Increase awareness and enrollment in CCTE programs and adjust offerings to align with relevant job trends and connect to college and technical pathways.

    4. Increase job engagement with local for-profit and non-profit businesses to provide students with increased exposure to career opportunities.

    5. Increase the opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in pre-employment transition services in middle and high schools.

    6. Rewrite and conduct an annual review of the personal finance course to ensure that it remains relevant and that students can demonstrate proficiency in managing their personal finances.

    7. Provide earlier student awareness of requirements to prepare for college and career.

Strategic Commitment #2: Team Quality

  • Strategic Commitment #2: Team Quality

    Williamson County Schools will invest time, expertise, and resources to attract, retain, and provide ongoing development and training to ensure high-quality team members in all roles.

    ●    Create competitive compensation and benefits packages that attract and retain high-performing faculty and staff.
    ●    Increase in teacher retention.
    ●    Increase in overall employee retention.
    ●    Increase in faculty and staff job satisfaction.

    1. Improve or develop competitive compensation to recruit the highest quality candidates for all roles.

    2. Improve or develop competitive benefits to recruit the highest quality candidates for all roles.

    3. Support and advocate for attainable workforce housing options for the WCS team.

    4. Provide new WCS team members with differentiated mentoring and coaching.

    5. Expand opportunities for professional development and coaching for all with a focus on relevancy, leadership, differentiated offerings, and outcomes.

    6. Continuously improve the implementation of educator team collaboration focused on student learning.

    7. Increase the diversity of the WCS team. 

    8. Recognize and honor excellence across all team roles in WCS. 

    9. Develop and sustain succession planning for senior leadership.

    10. Evaluate and maintain the most effective staffing ratios or staffing standards for all roles based on changing student needs and best practices.

    11. Continue to find creative ways to recruit and reward hard to fill positions.

    12. Continue to find ways to increase efficiencies and streamline administrative tasks for all WCS team roles. 

Strategic Commitment #3: Learning Environment

  • Strategic Commitment #3: Learning Environment 

    Williamson County Schools will enhance and sustain an all-inclusive, encouraging school environment that supports the individual needs of all students. 

    ●    Discipline data reflects consistency of implementation districtwide.
    ●    Reduction in instances of threats, bullying, harassment, and discrimination.
    ●    Reduction in repeat discipline infractions 
    ●    Improve and continue to implement safety and security plans. 
    ●    Improve and continue to implement best practices in supporting mental health. 
    ●    Reduction in chronic absenteeism 

    1. Create a district-wide culture where all students and all WCS team members have a place of belonging and are included, supported, and respected.

    2. Continually assess and improve the state of school facilities to ensure they are properly maintained and appropriate for student enrollment, services, and activities. 

    3. Invest in appropriate resources and technologies to improve the security of facilities and strengthen the physical safety of all students and staff. 

    4. Implement appropriate strategies to support the mental health and emotional well-being of staff and students.

    5. Provide ongoing training to staff and students in safety and security best practices to ensure proper implementation of emergency protocols throughout the district. 

    6. Consistently educate students, WCS team members, and families about bullying, harassment, and non-discrimination expectations to ensure appropriate reporting.  

    7. Train WCS team members to identify and report bullying, harassment, and discrimination in order to provide appropriate and uniform discipline.

    8. Ensure students are able to learn by improving systems of support and interventions in order to address individual student needs and behaviors.

    9. Analyze and evaluate school start times to assess their impact on students and on the objectives of this strategic plan.

      • Our Vision

        WCS will provide a supportive environment where students are challenged to pursue excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts.

        Our Mission

        We exist to provide all students with a quality education that supports their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development.

        Our Strategic Commitments 

        Preparing Students for Life After WCS
        Team Quality
        Learning Environment