• Childhood is a Journey, Not a Race: Pre-K in WCS

    The Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to help children prepare for kindergarten and succeed in the school environment. Success is achieved through developmentally appropriate instructional activities by highly qualified Pre-K teachers.  The program serves children who will be four (4) years of age on or before August 15. 

    The Pre-K classes use the Connect4Learning curriculum. The program focuses on all areas of development literacy, cognitive, math, language, social studies, science, fine/gross motor, and social-emotional skills. The Pre-K classes follow the Pyramid Model to provide a positive learning environment for all.  

  • Apply for WCS Pre-Kindergarten Today

    Enrollment applications are now available for Williamson County Schools Pre-Kindergarten classes. To be considered, complete and submit the form below.

    • Children must be four (4) years of age on or before August 15 of the current year.
    • Priority Placement is given to children whose family qualify as economically disadvantaged. Household Income Eligibility guidelines are established by the TN Department of Early Learning.
    • Mobile phones and devices are not recommended for completing this form. Please use a computer or laptop to complete the application for submission.

    For more information about the WCS Pre-K program, please call (615) 472-4140 or email our Pre-K Department.

    For more information about the WCS Early Childhood Peer Program, visit the WCS EC Peer Program web page.

Pre-Kindergarten FAQ

  • What is the voluntary Pre-K program?

  • Who may apply for the Pre-K class?

  • What if I currently do not have a Williamson County residence but my family is planning to move to Williamson County?

  • How do I apply for the Pre-K program?

  • What happens next, after I turn in the application for my child?

  • What if I have multiple children who are age-eligible for the Pre-K program?

  • What if I choose to wait and start my child in kindergarten at the age of 6? Would he/she be able to attend the Pre-K class at age 5?

  • Is it first come, first serve on the application?

  • When will I know if my child is accepted into the class?

  • Does every elementary school have a Pre-K class?

  • Which schools have a Pre-K class?

  • What determines eligibility for children to be accepted into the class?

  • What is considered “need” for the Pre-K class?

  • Do the Pre-K classes use peer models?

  • What if I have concerns about my child’s development?