• Financing the District

    The objective of the Budget and Finance Department is to provide the most efficient and effective management of school district financial affairs and to ensure compliance with budgetary and reporting goals. With a $418 million operational budget, the goal of this office is to provide financial reporting to ensure decision makers have the financial data they need to make responsible decisions.

School Support Organizations

  • Financial Records

    Keep track of all of Williamson County School’s revenues and expenditures with Open Finance. Open Finance is a financial analysis tool that allows easy-to-understand information of the WCS’s financial data.

    Currently, the portal contains information to generate revenue, expense and budget reports. The portal is not a “live database.” All actual financial data from fiscal years 2016 – 2017 through current period is provided on the website. WCS plans to continue updating and building the site to include additional school-related data.

    Visit the WCS Open Finance portal to access and view several key reports. You will also be able to see the county’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report audits and the most current school activity funds audit.

  • Making Purchases

    The Accounts Payable/Purchasing Department is responsible for gathering and pre-auditing all information relating to the payment for goods and services. The WCS School Board operates under policies requiring the use of appropriate accounts. Purchase orders, receiving reports and vendors’ invoices for all departments and individual schools flow through the department to be processed for payment. The department issues more than 7,000 purchase orders a year. 

  • Employment Verification

    We are dedicated to protecting our employees’ information. For this reason, we use Verifent to confirm verification of employment and/or verification of income (VOE/VOI) requests are legitimate, and a valid permissible purpose exists as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Verifiers seeking employment and/or income information for our employees must submit VOE/VOI requests through Verifent.

    To Submit a Request: 

    1. Visit Verifient Login. Please note that new Verifent users will need to register and create an account before proceeding.
    2. When prompted, enter our unique organization code: FA3E58
    3. Please be prepared to provide the employee’s date of birth and last four digits of the Social Security Number.

    For additional information on this process, please visit Verifent