• Opportunity for Short and Long-Term Substitutes

    Substitute teachers are an integral part of the student learning process. We are looking for responsible, compassionate, dedicated individuals who are enthusiastic about teaching and learning. Please see below for steps on how to become a substitute teacher with WCS.

  • How to Become a Substitute Teacher

    1. Submit the online Substitute Teacher application.
    2. Schedule your criminal background fingerprinting and sign the Privacy Notice. Please select HR Substitute as your specialist. Instructions on setting up a fingerprint background appointment. Email your scheduled fingerprinting date to HR Substitutes. It may take up to 10 days from your fingerprinting for us to get the results. Once we have your fingerprinting results, you will receive an email with the next steps in the hiring process. If you have any questions, please reach out to HR Substitutes.

      Once we have the above information, including your cleared criminal background check, we will email you the next steps in the hiring process (If you would like to begin the next steps in advance of this communication, please see below). Please note, it may take up to 10 working days for us to receive your fingerprinting results.

    The next steps will include the following; please submit these documents to HR Substitutes.

    • Send this online reference form to two professional references. One reference must be from a former supervisor and neither can be a relative or friend.
    • Submit Official Transcripts. Please provide copies of all official transcripts reflecting your conferred degree and date earned. Unofficial transcripts are not accepted. If not applicable to you, please submit an official high school diploma or college degree.
    • Submit Completed STEDI Certificate or Proof of Exemption. For the STEDI course, you can choose Option A, B or Both. You must pass with a score of 85% or higher to serve as a substitute with the District.

    STEDI Exemption List

    If you qualify for one of the exemptions listed below, please email your official proof of that exemption to HR Substitutes.

    • Have a current/active teaching license from any state
    • Are currently enrolled in a teaching preparation master’s program in Education
    • Have an expired teaching license from any state
    • Have completed 90 or more semester college credit hours in a teaching preparation program within the last three years
    • Have completed student teaching within the last three years
    • Former Williamson County Schools teacher assistants who have worked a minimum of 60 days within the last three years and left in good standing

  • Mary (Jenny) Wesson: October 2023 Substitute of the MonthJenny Wessen

    How long have you been a substitute?
    I have been subbing since November 2019.

    What is your favorite part of being a substitute?
    I love working with the special need students as a paraprofessional. It’s so rewarding and the teachers I work with are exceptional. The students are so appreciative of someone being there to help.

    What would you say to those on the fence about becoming a substitute teacher?
    Subbing is so flexible and it’s a great way to earn extra income for those special occasions like vacations and being able to treat yourself to something special.

    Special Note:
    She’s such an asset to all of us here at Edmondson. She’s always willing to work and works so very well with all of our kiddos!

  • Substitute Teacher of the Month

    Substitute of the Month starts in September of every year! Read about previous WCS Substitutes of the Month.

  • Substitute of the Year

    Substitute of the Year 2022

    Please join us in celebrating our Substitute of the Year, Lillian Crafton!!!

    Thank you Lillian for your commitment to our schools. Your willingness and dedication to help is what makes you shine.

    From everyone here at Williamson County Schools, congratulations!