Dr. Kevin Dyson, Principal

  • I am excited to begin my tenure as the principal of Centennial High School and work alongside an amazing group of administrators, teachers, staff members, parents, and students. To say that 2020-2021 was a unique year is a dramatic understatement. Amidst all the uncertainty and fear from dealing with the pandemic, we found a way to persevere and manage the new “normal” to the best of our abilities. Through it all, we found a way and the students learned and found success in various ways throughout the year. I know there is nothing more important to you than the future of your children, and the uncertainty of dealing with COVID brought their educational future to the forefront, and as educators, we have learned new ways to educate and instruct, but nothing is more important than the need for connection with and between students.

    With our school’s strong traditions in academics, athletics, and visual/performing arts, we look to build on that legacy and make an even greater impact in our community. This year, we will work diligently to support each student in a rigorous academic curriculum that will ensure his or her success. Yet, with a new season comes change. I begin my 16th year in education, my 8th in administration, and entering my third year as a building leader. Working alongside me are 5 assistant principals in which I have provided a brief introduction about each of them below. Different than in years past, the assistant principals will be working with students in an alphabetic range instead of solely by grade level.

Assistant Principals
Principal and 5 assistant principals