Welcome from Dr. Rebecca Sharber

  • Published August 3, 2006

    Welcome to the first edition of IN FOCUS. We are pleased to bring you information about Williamson County Schools in a variety of ways, and we believe this email newsletter will be another successful format to not only keep parents and business and community members informed but to also build relationships between our schools and the communities they serve.

    As you may be aware, our school district has the distinction of being considered one of the best districts in Tennessee in academics, athletics and the arts, and when comparing our district to several top districts in the United States, we measure quite positively as well. In addition, we consistently are named in nationwide publications as being a district where parents want to locate for the sake of their children’s education.

    We will continue this school year to work to achieve our mission statement, “to cultivate the ability, intellect, and character of each student.” Our teachers and administrators create engaging and academically enriching environments that are designed to support the collaborative educational efforts of teachers, students, staff and community. In this way, our goal of every student demonstrating at least one year’s academic growth can be attained each year.

    As we enter this new school year, we reflect on the successes our students have achieved not only last year but in years past, and we are focusing on building on those successes for the future. Educating the young people of our community is a joint effort. With the forward thinking direction of our School Board, the leadership of our administration, the support of our parents and community, and the necessary funding by our County Commission, we will continue to achieve greatness in Williamson County Schools.

    I look forward to working again this year on behalf of all of our students.