COVID-19 Information for 2021 - 2022 School Year

  • Updated August 27, 2021

    The Williamson County Board of Education met in a special session Thursday, August 26 and approved a temporary mask requirement for students, staff and visitors at the middle and high school grade levels inside all buildings and on buses. The requirement will begin on Tuesday, August 31 and will end on Tuesday, September 21 at 11:59 p.m. The requirement is already in place at the elementary grade levels.

    Teachers/staff who are distanced six feet or more may remove their masks while indoors. Teachers/staff may also remove their masks during outside activities. Any essential volunteer working directly with a student is expected to wear a mask.

    Governor Bill Lee’s Executive Order 84, signed August 16, allows students to opt-out of any mask requirement made by a school district. While there is an opt-out, WCS continues to strongly recommend, encourage and advise masking for all students, staff and visitors while inside a WCS school, WCS facility and the Central Office.

    Principals will share information with families specific to their school.  

  • Mitigation Strategies

    Do not come to school if you are sick.

    • Families and staff are asked to review the updated WCS Illness Guidelines for specific examples of illness when students and staff should NOT attend school or work.

    Additional Mitigation Strategies Effective August 24, 2021

    • Parent events that occur indoors during the evening, such as open house or parent night, will transition to virtual events by Wednesday, August 25. Each school will determine how the event is conducted. 
    • The October 11 Parent-Teacher Conference Day will be held virtually. Teachers will schedule conferences utilizing Zoom, or phone if needed.   

    New Mitigation Strategies Effective August 23, 2021

    • Visitors are limited to those with essential school business.
    • No lunch visitors are allowed.
    • Volunteers are limited based on essential tasks needed in the school, and elementary school volunteers are required to wear a mask when interacting with students.
    • Assemblies during the school day are limited to those determined to be essential to the operation of the school.
    • Indoor assemblies will not be held during a time of "high spread" in the school.
    • Field trips limited to venues honoring WCS safety protocols.
    • Masking is strongly recommended, encouraged, and advised for all students, staff and visitors while inside a WCS school, WCS facility and the Central Office.

    View the complete list of Mitigation Strategies


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