Parents, Teachers, and Students working together strengthens CHS!

  • Every day the teachers and staff at Centennial High School are doing all they can to create a comfortable, safe, engaging, and enriching environment in which to educate, grow, and serve their students.  Many of those student, teachers, and staff have immediate and ongoing financial and motivational needs that need to be met.

    The Centennial High School PTSO is a group of parents, teachers, and students working together to strengthen and support the CHS community. Strengthening each aspect of our high school only helps improve the high school experience, the outcome for each person in CHS and in turn, the community at large.

    Since beginning in 2000, The CHS PTSO has given hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the school in the form of scholarships, grants for teachers and classrooms, and other school improvements. The PTSO also provides academic recognition for students and even provides teacher appreciation lunches, snacks, gifts, and more.

    Our biggest event and fundraiser of the year is The Holiday Show! We need all hands on deck for this, and it takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving each year – so mark your calendar!

    We believe that we are all called to be part of improving this already strong group of students, teachers, staff, and parents. By continuing to encourage parents to volunteer, to recognize achievement, and to uplift our teachers, students, and staff, we can continue to make a difference at CHS now and in the future.

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