• School & Employee Calendars

    Williamson County Schools (WCS) follow the 2020-2021 school and employee annual calendars. The calendar documents below include district schedules, breaks, half days and more.

  • Late Start Days

    Late Start Days result in a 45 minute late start for approximately 27 weeks during the school year. All district middle and high schools will be required to add seven extra minutes each day to implement the late state schedule. During this time, faculty and staff participate in Professional Learning sharing expertise and working together to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students.

    These schedules apply to On-campus, Remote and Online Learning. Buses operate on the regular schedule on these days. Students who arrive at the regular time will be given the opportunity to choose from several supervised activities until the school day begins.

  • District Events

    All district events are provided in the calendar along with the WCS Board meetings, Board work sessions, and Policy Committee meetings. Additionally the calendar includes the County Commission Budget Committee and the County Commission Education Committee meetings.

  • Progress and Report Cards Schedule

    Report cards and progress reports are an assessment of a student’s performance academically throughout the school year. Report cards can be found online by accessing Skyward. Printed copies of report cards are available only upon parental request and must be provided to the school’s Principal. There may be up to a 3-day delay from the Skyward posting of report cards to the printed cards’ availability at the school.

Progress and Report Cards Schedule