• Academics and Programs

  • Entering into and exiting Vanguard Virtual to a brick-and-mortar high school only occurs at the beginning of a new school year, unless in extenuating circumstances. Parents should contact the school secretary at Vanguard Virtual High School to request enrollment or withdrawal.



    Vanguard Virtual students will have work assigned each week in each of their classes. Most of the work will be provided through an asynchronous environment. However, students will have the opportunity to join live Zoom sessions with their teachers on a regular basis.

    Since our online students are most successful when they follow a typical school-day schedule, we encourage each of our high school students to complete their work by mimicking a traditional high school schedule, starting with a set time in the morning, working through each class in their schedule each day. Students should dedicate about 50 minutes per subject per day during the school day and then spend about 30 minutes on studying or “homework” for each class, just as they would in a traditional learning environment. Those additional minutes are especially important in honors or AP courses.

    High school students who enroll in Vanguard Virtual will still be accountable for attendance. Attendance for each class will be based on making adequate academic progress each week. If a student does not complete the week’s work, he or she may be counted absent for each day academic progress was not made. Accruing absences while taking classes through Vanguard Virtual may result in increased synchronous requirements or having to return to traditional classes at the student’s school of enrollment. However, students will have orientation sessions at the beginning of the semester to help them create a schedule and to organize their work so that they are prepared to stay on track with all their classes.

    Students who find that they need additional support in their classes or in the online environment will have several options available to them. In addition to hosting live instructional Zoom sessions at least twice per month, all teachers for 9-12 Online will post office hours so that students will know when they are available each week. Students will also be able to reach out to their online teachers to request additional help, and the online math tutor will be available to all 9-12 online students who would like more help in their math classes. Additionally, 9-12 Vanguard Virtual students will have assigned administrators/counselors through Vanguard Virtual and access to the 9-12 Vanguard Virtual Academic Dean.


    In addition to having a full staff like a traditional high school, including fully licensed teachers who work in WCS, a librarian, school counselor, and a full front office and administrative staff, Vanguard has a student intervention team who works with students individually and in small groups to keep them on track academically. Our school also has a full Student Support Services team to meet the needs of students in IEPs. As a school, Vanguard Virtual works to help students work toward their post-secondary goals, whether that be joining the workforce, enrolling in a 2-year or 4-year college, enlisting in the armed forces, or attending certification programs/trade schools.


    Online teachers for grades 9-12 will teach the same standards as in the school buildings, using the Schoology platform to deliver their instruction. If you have any questions, please reach out to Allison Fisher, Vanguard Virtual High School Principal.