Culture Strategy Planning

  • On February 15, 2021, the Williamson County Board of Education approved a contract with Fostering Healthy Solutions (FHS) to work with the district in developing a Culture Strategy Plan. FHS will be gathering data and feedback from stakeholders to guide the goals of the plan. The main objective of the plan is to create a safe educational environment for all students.

  • Listen and Learn Sessions

    Fostering Healthy Solutions is hosting Listen and Learn Sessions during April, May and June. These sessions will be an opportunity for WCS stakeholders to share their thoughts with Fostering Healthy Solutions.

    The sessions require attendees to register beforehand, and each session is limited to the first 100 people who register. The sessions will be open forums and comments will be limited to two minutes each.

    Each virtual Listen and Learn session will be one hour long and cover the following questions:

    • What changes would you like to see implemented for students and why?
    • What changes would you like to see implemented for WCS?

    Those interested in attending will be able to select between morning, midday and evening sessions in April, May and June. Registration links for each session will be released through InFocus, the Tuesday prior to the meeting.

    Read the InFocus article for additional information.

  • The following Q and A is in regard to the Fostering Healthy Solutions, FHS, parent survey that was distributed May 5, 2021. The deadline for returning the survey is Monday, May 10 at 8 a.m. Survey responses go directly to FHS.

FAQs as of May 2021

  • Can you return to the survey after partial completion?

  • What is the process to return to the survey?

  • What if someone gets a message that they are "locked out" of the survey?

FAQs as of April 2021

  • I’ve heard that Fostering Healthy Solutions, FHS, is creating curriculum to be used in WCS classrooms?

  • Is it true that the district will be implementing critical race theory?  

  • FHS is not responding to my emails. Why not?

FAQs as of March 2021

  • What is the role of Fostering Healthy Solutions and Williamson County Schools?

  • What is the agenda for this work?

  • We don’t have a race problem in WCS. Why is this needed?  

  • What is the curriculum that will be used for diversity training for students and at what grades?