• Student Handbook

    Welcome to Woodland Middle School for the 2022 - 2023 school year! We are dedicated to providing all of our students with meaningful opportunities for growth in academics, athletics and the arts. We ask that all students and parents read through the information linked below and the content of their agenda to familiarize themselves with Woodland's school policies and other helpful information about WMS.

District Wide Middle School Student Handbook

  • Future Changes

  • Individual Needs of Students

  • Administration of Schools

  • Student Academic Achievement

  • Student Welfare

  • Student Discipline & Behavior

  • Technology

Woodland Middle School Information

  • Attendance

  • Transportation

  • Student Behavior Expectations

  • Chromebook Policy

  • Technology Policy (Cell phones, smart watches ear buds, etc.)

  • Grading Practices

  • Protecting Instructional Time

  • Rights of Children with Disabilities and Parent Responsibilities

  • Messages/Deliveries

  • Outside Food Policy

  • Lockers

  • Lost & Found

  • Visitors/Volunteers