Resources for Families

  • Discovery Virtual K-8 is committed to keeping parents and students connected with the latest resources and information needed to support education and lifelong success. Information and forms are provided to help parents and students locate prominent information needed with easy access. Visit our resource pages to find the information needed.

  • Enrollment Application

    The Discovery Enrollment Application is now available for new and returning students for the 2022-2023 school year. All current Discovery Virtual families will need to apply to continue at Discovery Virtual K-8 School in the fall.  The application deadline is Sunday, March 20 at 11:59 PM.

  • Reporting a Student Absence

    To report an absence, please email our Attendance Secretary Mrs. Tina Herodes.

    Friendly reminder: Students are not able to leave the country and join their Online classes or app's. Our WCS system automatically blocks students when they leave the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Discovery Virtual K-8 School?

  • With the gradual decline of the COVID-19 pandemic, will WCS continue to offer Discovery Virtual K-8 School in years to come?

  • With the gradual decline of the COVID-19 pandemic, what changes will be made to the structure or enrollment process for Discovery Virtual K-8 School?

  • Will current Discovery Virtual K-8 School students and families need to apply to continue at Discovery Virtual?   Or can they be grandfathered in based on their status as current students in the school?

  • What will be considered in the application process?

  • Can a student be removed from Discovery Virtual once they are accepted into the school?  

  • Is admission to Discovery Virtual on a yearly basis, a semester basis, or at will?  What if I want to change from virtual to traditional, or vice versa?  Can I do that at any time?

  • Once a student is accepted under the new admission process, will we need to reapply every year?

  • Why should a family consider applying to Discovery Virtual K-8 School?

  • Does Discovery Virtual K-8 School offer the same curriculum as in the school buildings?

  • Does Discovery Virtual K-8 School offer the same courses as in the traditional middle schools?

  • Which after-school opportunities, or extracurriculars, are offered at Discovery Virtual K-8 School?  Can students participate in middle school athletics or extracurriculars at their zoned school?

  • What is the teacher to student ratio at Discovery Virtual?

  • How much parent/guardian assistance do Discovery Virtual students need at home?

  • Should parents participate in the Zoom sessions with their children?