Student Handbook

  • Welcome to Page High School for the 2023-2024 school year! We are dedicated to providing all our students with an exemplary educational experience. We ask that all parents read through the content of this agenda to familiarize themselves with helpful information about PHS. 

District Wide High School Student Handbook

  • Non-Discrimination Statement

  • Future Changes

  • Administration of Schools

  • Student Academic Achievement

  • Student Welfare

  • Student Discipline & Behavior

  • Individual Needs of Students

  • Technology

Page High School Information

  • Academic Integrity

  • Athletic Policies

  • Attendance

  • Cafeteria and Outside Food Policy

  • Chromebook Policy

  • Deliveries

  • Electronic Cigarettes and Tobacco Policy

  • Electronic Devices

  • Grading Practices

  • Lockers

  • Lost and Found

  • Messages and Deliveries

  • Patriot Period

  • Scheduling Policies

  • Student Behavior Expectations