•  A Tradition of Excellence

    At Brentwood High School, our motto of “Excellence through Teaching and Learning” is evident as we strive to challenge our students every day with highly rigorous curricula, bell-to-bell instruction, and strategies designed to facilitate learner success at all levels. The mission of Brentwood High School is to prepare all students to reach their highest level of achievement in academics, athletics, and the arts. Our vision is to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning, to empower students to achieve their goals, and to equip students to be responsible citizens.

  • Our Beliefs

    1. Students are provided a challenging learning environment through high expectations and timely feedback on their performance.
    2. Student learning is broadened by curriculum choices, varied teaching strategies, and cultural diversity.
    3. Student learning styles are uniquely addressed to facilitate students’ ability to succeed.
    4. Students actively engaged in learning demonstrate continued growth, meeting and exceeding state standards.
    5. Student education is complemented and supplemented by various stakeholders.
    6. Student learning is extended beyond the classroom through enrichment, extracurricular activities, and academic support.
    7. Students learn the basics of good citizenship by understanding the rights of others and accepting personal responsibility for the school and community.
    8. Students demonstrate an increased sense of responsibility when they are held accountable for their choices and are allowed to experience the consequences of their actions.
    9. Students demonstrate ownership of school policies when they are involved in the decision-making process.
    10. Student learning is enhanced in a safe, supportive environment.
BHS Students Cheering