• Welcome to Page Middle School

    Front Building View

    In 1981, Page Middle opened its doors for the first time, donning a name steeped in local Williamson County school history. Fred J. Page, a former Superintendent of Schools, began his career in 1899 and served in that position for forty-two years.  The Page Middle community has seen extensive growth in population over the past several years. Page Middle’s enrollment figures correspondingly rise with the influx of new county residents. As the Page community expands and the needs of the student body increase, the campus has been slowly evolving the past three years to significantly increase space in hallways, classrooms, and parking.


  • Page Middle Campus Upgrade 2021

    We are excited to welcome you to our new Page Middle School campus. We have added a new auditorium, entrance and foyer, and two three-story wings in recent years. Students are enjoying new classrooms with advanced technology for instruction, wider hallways, and enlarged lockers with our remodeled campus.

    Our car rider traffic pattern has been reconfigured to allow for maximum efficiency while also maintaining student safety.  Thank you for following drop off guidelines each day.  

Performing Arts Center
Hallway view.
Newly added hallways with more walking space for students and enlarged lockers.