• Welcome to the New Brentwood Middle Building

  • We are so excited about opening our new building on Monday, March 18th, after spring break. Our students and teachers have been anticipating this move all year! On this page, we are outlining all of our new procedures to help parents when our students return. We look forward to spending time after the break making sure our students are acclimated and oriented to the new building. 

New BMS Logo
  • New Car Rider Procedures

    • For the 4th nine weeks, the car rider line will be accessible from Murray Lane to drop students off in front of the new main entrance (the entrance with the columns) and then exit at Granny White. (We will call this the Murray Side Car Line)
    • Parents may also use the current car rider line with the entrance at the back of the school along the Foxland Hall access road between our campus and Granny White Park. Parents will then turn and go up the incline and drop students off at the gymnasium. It is a one-way exit as well. It will also exit at Granny White Pike. (We will call this the Park Side Car line).
    • For 8th graders who ride with older siblings to BHS or STEM, on the first 2 days after spring break, they will report to the BMS Gymnasium. On March 20, we will allow 8th grade students who ride with older siblings at BHS to gather in the breezeway at STEM until 7:35 AM instead of going all the way to the gymnasium.


    Bus Riders

    • Buses will continue to use the normal bus lane for the remainder of this semester. It will change at the beginning of the next school year.
    • Students will walk around to the front entrance after exiting the buses in the morning.
    • At dismissal, students will load buses using the same bus line.
    • Eighth grade morning bus riders must report to the gymnasium at arrival time until they are dismissed to go to class.


    Bicycle and Scooter Rider Parking

    • Students who ride bicycles or scooters will have bike racks available at the gymnasium entrance.


    • Doors will open at 7:25 AM at the main entrance and the gymnasium entrance.
    • 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will report to the gymnasium until they are dismissed to go to first period class at 7:35 AM.
    • 8th grade is dismissed first, followed by 7th grade, and then 6th grade.
    • Classes begin at 7:50 AM.
    • On Late Start Mondays, classes begin at 8:35 AM, but the doors will still open at 7:25 AM.
    • Students will be released on Late Start Mondays to go to class at 8:25 AM.
    • If students want to eat breakfast, they may go to the cafeteria. 8th graders will not have time to stay in the cafeteria once the 8:35 AM bell rings.


    Procedures for 8th graders who take World Language classes at BHS

    • 8th graders who take world language classes at BHS in the morning only will report to the multipurpose room across from the breezeway on the first floor on STEM after first period class.
    • Mrs. Degennaro will be present to take attendance and monitor students until the hall break.
  • Dismissal

    • School is dismissed at 2:57 pm
    • All students will go to the sidewalk in front of the New Brentwood Middle School to be picked up. If parents are coming from Murray Lane, your students need to be waiting for you on the right side of campus if you are facing the school. (Murray Side Car Line). If you are coming from the back entrance, students need to wait at the gymnasium side to be picked up (Park Side Car Line).
    • Students can still walk to Granny White Park to be picked up if parents would like to stick to that routine.
    • If students are bus riders, they will go to the same bus line that we have had all year.

    Early Dismissal

    • The student will be called from class when the parent or guardian arrives at school and signs them out in the front office.
    • Parents picking up students will need to park in the spaces closest to the BMS Performing Arts Center on the front side of the school and walk to the main office at the main entrance. The spaces are shaded in purple on the map above.
    • Please consider arriving earlier than usual if you have an early dismissal for your eighth grade student. Depending on their location on campus for class, they could have a considerable walk.
    • There will be no early dismissals after 2:05 AM. Parents begin lining up for regular dismissal at that time, and it will be nearly impossible to get out of that line.

    Late to School

    Students have to check into the front office to be issued a late pass if they arrive after 7:50 AM.

Car Rider Map

Main Entrance For Arrival
Main Entrance for Arrival

Front Door to the Main Office
Front Door to the Main Office

Gymnasium Entrance
Gymnasium Entrance

  • Changing Schedules During the 4th Nine Weeks

    • In order to minimize the number of transitions back and forth between the new Brentwood Middle School building and the STEM building for 8th graders, we have flipped lunch periods.
      • 6th grade lunch (4th period)
      • 8th grade lunch (5th period)
      • 7th grade lunch (6th period)
    • The classes will remain the same for students, but the order that they are in will be different because of the lunch schedules.
    • Students will receive new schedules in homeroom when they return on Monday, March 18.
    • New schedules will also be reflected in Skyward.

  • Entering BMS During School Hours

  • No More Access to STEM through the BHS Stadium

    • Unfortunately, students who walk from Granny White Park through the BHS Football stadium to the STEM building will no longer be able to do so beginning April 1.
    • The BHS stadium will be off limits as construction crews tear up the old track and pour a concrete base and new rubberized asphalt for the new track.
    • The completion date for this project is July 15, 2024.
    • Students who walk from Granny White may come through the gate and enter the BMS campus and walk to the gymnasium entrance prior to the start of school.


    New School and New Habits to Keep it Clean

    BMS will have new rules and procedures to keep our new building as clean as we can.

    • Students will no longer be permitted to bring loose-lid containers for drinks (i.e. Starbucks, soft drinks, Celcius, Stanleys with straws) - These items will not be permitted in the building.
    • Students are permitted to have water only. The new building has a bottle filler on each floor and in each section of the building.
    • Gum will not be permitted
    • There will be a short time for a snack at Thrive.


    A Word about Lockers

    • Unfortunately, lockers will not be ready for the 4th quarter. Locks will not be installed until this summer.
    • Lockers will be ready for the 2024-2025 school year.