Summit High Media Center

  • The mission of Summit High School’s Library Media Center is to support the learning process by providing a wide range of resources that will give each student an opportunity to achieve academic success.  We assist students, teachers and staff in becoming effective users of information, foster a love of reading and partner with teachers to teach information literacy skills.

  • Mission Strategies

    • Select and organize materials for research projects
    • Assist students in finding appropriate materials
    • Provide multi-media resources for students and teachers
    • Train students and staff in information literacy skills
    • Maintain the library’s print, electronic and multimedia collection
    • Develop the library’s collection to represent current and authoritative information
    • Collaborate with teachers to plan and implement lessons, incorporating technology whenever possible
    • Choose quality, appropriate and contemporary materials for pleasure reading
bookshelf in library covered in books with lights around
  • Parent Resources


    • Students leaving a study hall or class will bring a pass to the circulation desk from the teacher that includes: student name, teacher name, date and time.
    • Students will sign in on a computer at the circulation desk that will provide a roster in the event of an emergency.